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I'm worried about my symptoms being spot on with those of Lymphoma.

I have had a swollen lymph node in my neck for quite some time. A few years ago when I first noticed it, my PCP (GP) said it was probably because I had mono (A blood test confirmed that I had mono in the past). Since then, it has not grown, and it is approximately 1-2cm. I was not worried about it up until a few months ago, when I started experiencing some concerning symptoms. It started off with flu-like symptoms, which never really went away. 3 weeks later, I developed bumpy rashes on my arms and legs that seemed to only flare up in a hot bath or at night. I was also experiencing unusually itchy skin that was also worsened by heat. Shortly after the rashes appeared, I started having low grade fevers every day. There would be days (and mostly nights) when my fevers would spike up and cause me to start sweating. Then the sweating started to be a lot more noticeable at night. I still have these temperature swings. I have also been experiencing some chest discomfort and breathlessness, which I have just attributed to my overwhelming and debilitating fatigue. In the last 3 weeks, I have noticed an almost complete decrease in my appetite and severe abdominal pain, accompanied with digestion problems, loss of appetite, and a 15 pound weight loss. I haven't been able to exercise like I used to, and I have been trying to force myself to eat just to keep some weight on, as I am almost underweight for my age. I have been to several doctors who don't seem concerned, and have gone as far to tell me that I am a hypochondriac. Several CBC's in the last few months have shown up to be completely normal. Extensive blood testing has shown that I do not have any acute or lingering infection.

Should I be worried about these symptoms being lymphoma? I have an appointment with a different doctor this week, and if you have any advice on questions I should ask (about further testing they could do, a different way to explain my symptoms, etc.) please let me know!

Not sure if this is related, but I have also been experiencing low back/flank pain for weeks that feels like my kidneys, but I do not have a UTI and my kidneys are functioning up to par. Could this flank pain possibly be related to my other symptoms?

Thank you, xx
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Hi, first off it doesn't seem like lymphoma. It seems more like a possible mast cell disorder.

2nd: aquagenic pruritis (itching from water) would make the docs want to rule out serious conditions like polycythemia vera, which they've done and you don't have (and that's not your age group anyway).

3rd: you started with flu like symptoms so that leads us to a possible 'post viral syndrome', which some docs will scoff at but sufferers know exists. You have probably heard of chronic fatigue syndrome and many of those people go years before getting diagnosed. Many are told it's just in their head. Many were very fit and active, but that gets taken away.

4th: I'd take pictures of the rash to show to any doc.

5th: Mast cells line the skin, lungs and GI tract. They secrete many powerful molecules (like histamine) which can cause your symptoms.

6th: I'd immediately try an OTC histamine blocker like Tagamet to see if your stomach and/or rashes improve. If so, that's a big clue to tell the doc.

7th: The lymph node probably has internal scarring (fibrosis) which is why it hasn't gone down.

That's for starters. As you've already discovered, it's unfortunately going to be a long road to diagnosis. You can probably help yourself a lot by researching and logically analyzing, then suggesting things like mast cells and hoping you have a doc who listens.
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Btw, if you had spontaneous flushing (which you apparently don't have), you'd want a tryptase test. But that might not apply here for you.

What specialty doc are you seeing this week?
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