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Lymph node question
Hi all,

I posted a question about all my symptoms in the Anxiety thread because I'm not sure if I'm just being a hypochondriac or if I need to be more proactive with my health.

About 6 weeks ago I noticed in the shoulder/neck area on my left side I had a small little lump (feels like less than 1cm, almost like a pea maybe?). I figured I was getting sick (sure enough 2 weeks later I had bronchitis, bad cough, fever, and went on a Z-pack). I'm a 20 year old healthy male with psoriasis (hasn't really acted up much my father has it too it got worse as he got older). Family history is very healthy. I quit smoking when I was 18 I was stupid in high school so that always fuels my cancer fears. Basically the lump is painless, it moves around under the skin and doesn't feel hard. I can't find it right away either, I have to feel for it a bit and usually I can only feel it when I move it, if I run my fingers over my neck/shoulder it doesn't stand out.

Anyways I do have left shoulder/neck/TMJ issues so I regularly see a chiro and physical therapist to loosen it up since I work out regularly. Today while massaging my shoulder I felt it again by the neck and was surprised it was still there, I figured it would've been gone by now. It feels the exact same as when I first felt it but now I'm freaking out about it still being here. I've had some other weird symptoms over the past year (eye floaters, after images, anxiety, twitches) that I've gotten better with but I'm so worried about this node now I can't help it. I have no night sweats or weight loss. I do have some itchy skin but I've had that for a while and it's gotten better.

Am I just overreacting?
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