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Painfull swollen lymph nodes negetive biopsy result

My husband has been experiencing swollen lymph nodes for around 6weeks. Blood test were normal. Ultrasound showed few lumps and 4cm wide on neck. He got biopsy done and the results were negetive for cancer but the doc said it looks like an infection but couldnt find out the causeor anything. The gp said not to worry and it will disappear in few weeks. But the bump seemed to srink for few days but now its again becoming rock hard big and painful. Im really worried and feel like the docs is neglectful. Can fn biopsy give wrong results? Can cancerous lymph nodes shrink and again goes bigger? What should i do??
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Hi, if the bump became very large overnight or in a couple of days, then it is likely not cancer.

"Can fn biopsy give wrong results?"
Yes, because the needle might miss the bad spots. But since 4cm is *very* large, if it were cancer then probably everywhere in the node would be bad spots. So having a negative result in his needle biopsy is probably accurate.

"Can cancerous lymph nodes shrink and again goes bigger?"
Only a little bit smaller, since that would be from swelling/inflammation "waxing and waning". That's not actual reduction of a tumor.

"What should i do??"
The only sure way to know is with an excisional biopsy, where the whole node is removed and analyzed. Since that is a surgery, there is risk in that from anasthesia, infection etc.

You can ask for an ultrasound that would look for the inside of the node being normal, especially having the part called the 'fatty hilum'.

Overall, there isn't any reason to think that the doctors are neglectful here.

Is the bump long and thin or is it round? That's important to know.
The bumps are long but not thin
In general, round is bad but oval is not bad.
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So if it's not cancer, then what is it? Probably some infection or immune reaction, and then the forming of what's called 'granuloma' which doesn't go down as you'd normally expect. There would be scar tissue formed inside the node - and even some calcium deposits which make it very hard.

You want to be very aware if it keeps growing. Also he should regularly check neck, underarms and groin for any more bumps. (But pressing a lot on the neck bump could irritate it and make it swell.)

Good luck, to him and to you.
Thank you so much for your reply. The bump did became large overnight! He first noticed it after getting up from a sleep. We thought it was from a bad sleeping position so put some warm compress. It looked like it completely disappeared after 3days. Then everyone in the family got a cough n him too . His lymph nodes swelled and is not going back to normal but his cough is gone.
"It looked like it completely disappeared after 3days."

Cancer would not do that.

How are his lungs now?
Not to be alarming, but make sure there are no reports of tuberculosis where you live.
Negative for tuberculosis aswell.
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