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Painless lymph nodes?

Recently I have had a cold and seem to have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck area. I understand that having a cold can create enlarged lymph nodes by the ones I have are completely painless and are not tender at all. Also, I seem to have had these appear towards the end of my cold when it has started to clear up slightly (just have a bit of a cough left over). I have also read that painless lymph nodes have been linked to HIV and Lymphoma. I have always been able to feel painless lymph nodes in my neck, armpit and groin (less than at the moment because I'm ill)

1) Is it painless to have painless lymph nodes while having a cold?

2) Can lymph nodes sometimes enlarge towards to end of an illness when it starts to clear up?

3) I have read that painless lymph nodes are exclusive to HIV and Lymphoma - is this true?

Cheers in advance
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A few grammar errors sorry

*1) is it "normal" to have painless lymph nodes while having a cold
Painful vs painless is just a general indicator, it's not an absolute at all.
So could the painless lymph nodes in my neck be simply due to the cold I've had?
Yep. especially if you mean the two submandibular nodes on either side of the throat that enlarge somewhat with a common sore throat.
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