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Swollen lymph nodes in groin, not painful


I'm a 23 years old male.

About 6 months ago I noticed lumps in my groin area, they are hard and measure from about 2 to 3 cm. I wasn't sure what they were so forgot about them.

About a month ago I noticed a mole on the inside of my upper leg which had started to itch, has an irregular border and has raised, it is also 2 colours (brown and black). So last week I went to the doctors for them to take a look.

My GP has referred me to my local hospital to have the mole excised so they can perform a biopsy - my hospital appointment is next Thursday. Whilst with my GP i mentioned the lumps in my groin, he immediately asked how long the lumps had been there and said they were swollen lypmh nodes. He asked if they hurt or are tender, they don't hurt and are not tender. He asked if I get tired alot which I do and he also mentioned that I am under weight, I have always struggled to put on weight. With this information he sent me straight to the hospital for a chest X-ray to check for swollen lymph, nodes in that area and for blood tests - he said this way to check for lymphoma.

The chest X-ray came back all clear, the bloods didn't. The blood test was for complete blood count, bone profile, glucose, some viruses in the herpes family (can't remember which ones) and liver. The bloods came back with a high level of 'bilirubin' which I understand is due to the liver. The glucose part of test never came back.. Not sure why. I am back at the doctors on Monday so they can take abother blood test to check bilirubin levels again.

My GP said my symptoms are similar to lymphoma. I asked if the lymph nodes could be swollen due to the mole (its only a couple of inches away from the lyph nodes) and if it could be melanoma. He doesn't think the mole is melanoma and so has not caused the lymph nodes to swell, but wants to rule that out with the mole biopsy.

So with my chest X-ray clear, my blood only showing a high level of bilirubin, and me always feeling tired, does it sound like I could have lymphoma?

My GP hasn't asked me to come back and see him yet - he called with my X-ray and blood results yesterday. Do I need to go and see him about the lymph nodes again or should I wait until I get the mole biopsy results?

My GP said the lymph nodes are unlikely to be swollen due to a infection - they are not tender, I have no infection symptoms and the blood test didn't show any infection (White cell count normal)

One last thing, leukaemia (CLL) runs in my family but since my white blood cell count came back normal would leukaemia be ruled out?

Sorry about all the questions and thanks for your help, I'm just really worried.

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