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hard lump on back of neck

i have a lump on the back left side of my neck. Its hard and has a cylindrical shape (like a vein). when i bend my neck down it appears as though a vein on top of it is bulging but is connected to it. it is about 1 cm tall when my neck isn't bent and is underneath the skin and doesn't move.
i went and showed it to the doctor about 8 months ago. he looked at it and touched it and didn't pay any attention to it and said that it was nothing. After about 3 months i went to him again and told him that it is still there and i think that it has gotten bigger by the smallest amount (maybe a hair or i was just paranoid) and he again looked at it, touched, poked, pinched felt it between his fingers and again told me that it is nothing to worry and that it could stay forever.
but what actually is it???!!!
i am very paranoid, anxious and scared that it could be something bad as although he said it could stay forever its still on my neck and i want to know what it is!!
I'm thinking about showing it to another doctor sometime this week but before i do i wanted to hear your opinions.

Please help!!!!!!
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