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1 cm mass in neck muscle

Hello.  About 6 months ago I noticed a small lump, about 1 cm in diameter, around where the submandibular lymph nodes are supposed to be, just under my jaw line, halfway between my chin and ear on the left side.  It is firm, smooth, non-tender, and most interestingly, fixed into the muscle.  Note that it is not technically enlarged according to most standards I've read about.

I found something "similar" on the other side, so I did not think much of it, just watched it closely.  Last week, I decided that it would be worth a doctor visit.  The doctor examined it and found that I had to flex my neck muscles, the same action you do to push your lower jaw away from your face, in order to feel it at all (make it palpable).  Pushing on the area when the muscles are un-flexed reveals almost nothing, it feels like it is not there; when flexed, you can feel it easily and note that it does not move.  The doctor's conclusion was that it was a lymph node, but that since it is so small and that it has not grown since I first found it months ago, it really wasn't much to worry about.  None of the other lymph nodes were unusual, nor do I have any symptoms to suggest more sinister possibilities.

I was, in any case, displeased with the doctor's willingness to brush it off.  According to every article I have found on the internet, fixed lumps in the neck should always be given their due attention.  I plan on going to see a Ear / Nose / Throat specialist without referral (if I can find one to do such a thing), but in the meantime, after playing with it some more, I have a suspicion it may be something else.  I know the submandibular saliva gland's position is located very near where this little bump is, except inside the muscles, and I do not know if any part of it may protrude through the muscle, or perhaps a cyst has grown through the muscle (???).  Does anyone have any idea about the best course of action, given my description here?  I'd much appreciate it.

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I just discovered something while mercilessly trying to determine what this bump is.  When I push on my neck bump, I can feel the opposite end of the bump if I insert a finger into my mouth, between my lower-teeth and my tongue then lightly press down-and-out.  The bump extends inward, under my jaw, about 2cm (end to end), which means the "object" is more cylindrical than like a sphere.  Again, from above, its diameter on its surface end of my neck is about 1cm.  From this new finding, I am 90% convinced it is NOT a lymph node.

The internal end of the bump is rather rubbery and can move around, so the majority of the object is not firm like its protrusion in my neck muscle.  

The mystery thickens...I have no idea what this thing is.  Any ideas?
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wow thats wierd i have the same thing...ive thought maybe a salivary gland stone, or a lipoma or fatty nodule...i also have three other various lumps on the back of my neck and one on my upper back...i wouldnt worry about it to much...seeing as ive found these are quite common my friend has one to! we should all go get them removed and put them in a giant jar and send them to a medical museum lol! no just joking but we should all go get them removed
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After a few days of looking at some medical charts, I am 90% convinced that what I am feeling is, in fact, either a vein or an artery.  The actual diameter of this cylindrical thing is very small, less than 1cm, but it is long, as mentioned.  The lower end of the object actually continues under one of my neck muscles, if I try, I can feel it continue under the muscle.  The upper end goes up into my lower mouth, under my tongue.

Pictures found in anatomy books and on Wikipedia show that the "Facial vein" is very similar to what I am feeling in my neck.  Why it is hard, I do not know; probably because I've been messing with it for a while.  But yes, the facial vein passes from the submandibular salivary gland, down the neck near the surface, curves a little bit, under a muscle, then joins one of the main arteries (Internal? maybe).  I am pretty sure that is what this is.
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I have a vein on left side of neck which has a small lump .This vein protrudes on left side of neck with small lump on bottom.What's wrong with me???
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