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4 enlarged lymph nodes with increased vascularity- what does this mean

I am a 26 year old young woman that would like som help concerning lymph nodes please.

About 7 weeks ago, for a week and a half, I had daily night fevers that only came at night and night fevers, but they went away after a week-week and a half.  The doctors tested me for a bunch of infections but everything came back negative; I had no sore throat, no sinus issues, no cough, no ear issues, etc. so it was a mystery but went away.

About 5 weeks ago, I had a suddenly really bad back pain, and I was massaging my neck tans upper back when I discovered 2 large raised lymph nodes in the back of neck, near cervical line. After a few excruciating days of bad back pain/hardly being able to walk, I went to the walk in..she was a little concerned of my lower back pain and the 2 raised lymph nodes. I did a back X-ray and there showed nothing wrong but I did an ultrasound, and it showed 3 lymph nodes in my neck 6mm (so luckily not over 1cm) and to repeat the ultrasound in 4 weeks.

I did blood work, and it just showed a little lower white blood cells but nothing else significant. I was feeling around my neck  in other parts I hadn't felt before 2 weeks later, and I found 2 more lymph nodes near collarbone beside supraclavicular, I think posterior or anterior?(felt a little bigger). I decided to do the ultrasound a little earlier and then went back to my doctor when she called me with the results.

There were several behind my neck on the right still, the largest measuring 1cm but they looked benign in nature. The 2 of my left, near collarbone/neck area, though were hypo-echoic, had increased vascularity, both measured 1.5cm and were suspicious for pathologic lymph nodes.

My doctor wants me to do a biopsy in a few weeks but I was wondering if anyone can tell me what "hypoechoic and increased vascularity and suspicious for lymph nodes"  means exactly?

I'm glad we're following up as my amazing 56 year old mom, died of cancer this year, so it's just better to be safe than sorry. I haven't gotten any more night sweats or night fevers since 7-8 weeks ago, have no other infection, no sore throat, etc. and my only other symptoms are increased fatigue and increased itchiness.

If anyone can provide some insight, that would be much appreciated, thank you!
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Sorry I was tied up. did you discover your answers? If not, I can reply.
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