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6 months later...good or bad?


I have posted on this site numerous times before and have always found everyone to be helpful.

My new reason for posting has to do with a tiny pea size lump I found a little over 6 months ago under my jaw, above the Adam's apple. I THINK that it is somewhat moveable but at times I'm not even sure if I'm grabbing it at all. But either way as I said I first found it 6 months ago and I haven't seen any growth since. If anything it may have shrunk a tiny bit but I'm not sure.

I realize that the obvious solution would be to go to a doctor but insurance is an issue for me now and I don't have money to be able to pay out of pocket for any tests that I may need. So that is why I am asking for any advice as to what this could be.

So I guess my question is would this have grown a noticeable amount if it were cancer within the past 6 months?? And would I have experienced any symptoms by now?  And is it good that I haven't noticed any change in the small size??

Thanks for all advice and help.
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P.s. I also want to add that since finding the lump I have had a simple CBC blood test because I recently came down with a bad sinus infection. This is all unrelated but I was wondering if in the CBC would something have shown?
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Hi, I bet that's just a salivary gland. It might be inflamed, or sometimes a duct gets blocked. (There are even stones, like kidney stones, that can form in a salivary duct.)

The little bump probably won't ever get any bigger, unless you press on it a lot - in which case it might get tender, too. I think there's an ENT group here that you can ask on.

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Hi thanks!!

Paranoia actually got the best of me today when I woke up so I went over to a walk in clinic and the doctor felt it and told me it was to small to be anything serious and that it felt like an enlarged lymph node that could have been due to my chronic allergies that I suffer from at least once a week. Since I mentioned that I had first felt it over 6 months ago she assured me I would have seen some growth since but she did say to keep an eye on it just in case.

I do feel a lot better now. :)
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