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Blood Work Abnormal

Hello all! I was not 100% sure where to post this question, so I figured I would bring it here since it is relevant. I had a blood profile done because it was free through work. I am a 28yo male and I do have a high BP past and currently take lisinopril/hctz. Other than that, I am typically in excellent health.

I do have a doctors appointment scheduled, but with the holiday it will be next week. So I guess you could say worry is getting the best of me.


WBC 8.11 (4.00 - 10.000 normal)
RBC 4.58 (4.40 - 5.70 normal)
Hemaglobin 14 (13.5 - 17.3 normal)
Hematocrit 39.1 (40 - 52 normal) - ABNORMAL
MCV 85.4 (81.0 - 96.0 normal)
MCH 30.6 (27 - 33.5 normal)
MCHC 35.8 (32 - 36.5 normal)
RDW 12.1 (12 - 14.3 normal)
Platelet Count 174 (150-400 normal)
NRBC %, Auto <0.1 (0-0.9 normal)
NRBC ABS, Auto <0.01 (0-0.11 normal)
MPV 10.6 (9.7 - 11.9 normal)

IM Grans %, Auto 0.7 (0.0 - 0.5 normal) - ABNORMAL
Neutrophil %, Auto 58.6 (40-76 normal)
Lymphocyte %, Auto 30.5 (17-50 normal)
Monocyte %, Auto 6.9 (0.0 - 10.5 normal)
Eosinophil % Auto 2.8 (0.0 - 6 normal)
Basophil % Auto 0.5 (0.0 - 1.5 normal)

IM Grans Abs, Auto 0.06 (0.00 - 0.03 normal) - ABNORMAL
Neutrophil Abs, Auto 4.75 (1.40 - 7 normal)
Lymphocyte Abs, Auto 2.47 (0.80 - 3.30 normal)
Monocyte Abs, Auto 0.56 (0.00 - 0.80 normal)
Eosinophil Abs, Auto 0.23 (0.00 - 0.40 normal)
Basophil Abs, Auto 0.04 (0.00 - 0.10 normal)

This may be too complex to answer on here about what these results could mean, just looking for some insight. Obviously my own doctor will have his own opinion and may do further tests. I will say that at the time of this test I still had a pretty severe cold lingering, my tongue/throat were swollen approximately 5-7 days prior to the test and I still had a sore throat/cough at testing. I am not sure if those can play with my numbers that much or not. Thanks for your time and answers.
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yes, it'd be normal to have your IMmature Granulocytes go a little high as your system produces new immune cells to fight infection.

No worry there.

If the Abs was way up at 10, you could worry :)
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I am not a health professional, so take my comment in that context - to me, you do not have a worrisome lab result.  Your few abnormal values are so minimally out of range they can be explained by benign reasons.  For those of us with cancer diagnoses who receive weekly blood monitoring tests that include CBC and several others, we would love to have your values, even your abnormal ones.  No minimizing of your anxiety meant in my saying this.  Better you should relax, no stressing, until you see your doctor.  Just enjoy the holiday weekend and take care of yourself so your blood work should generally look like what you listed.

FYI -- the CBC is defined by Mayo Clinic as:

A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.

A complete blood count test measures several components and features of your blood, including:

    Red blood cells, which carry oxygen
    White blood cells, which fight infection
    Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells
    Hematocrit, the proportion of red blood cells to the fluid component, or plasma, in your blood
    Platelets, which help with blood clotting

Abnormal increases or decreases in cell counts as revealed in a complete blood count may indicate that you have an underlying medical condition that calls for further evaluation.
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