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Blood Work question

Hi, I have a question about my blood work. I'm  hoping someone here can help me as I don't see my doctor for a few days. I actually have a WBC count on the lower side but a huge percentage, double the upper limit of normal, of these WBC's are lymphocytes. Do you know if that could be leukemia or does leukemia always present with high WBC count in conjunction with differential abnormalities like mine? I have most of the symptoms of leukemia with the exception of fever. I know there are many other tests needed to get a diagnosis and I am of course hoping it isn't cancer, but I haven't been able to find any info on what could cause high lymphocyte percentages in normal or low-normal wbc counts. Thank you
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I also have high lymphocytes, not double the normal but still way out there.  I was sent to an oncologist for a workup, and the guy ordered some very sophisticated tests to determine the exact nature of my lymphocytes.

It turned out they were benign.  People can have an elevated lymphocyte count in response to autoimmune conditions, one of which I have.

On reviewing my previous blood work, we found that I had had high lymphos for at least 13 years, and one doctor had just suddenly noticed it!  My diagnosis was 'atypical lymphocytosis,' which you can google.

My oncologist says, based on my tests, there is almost no chance my condition will turn into leukemia, but since it theoretically could happen, I should have blood work done every couple of years.  

Hope this helps.
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