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Can a pet scan pick up any problems with the bone?  Or do I need a bone scan for that.
I had non-hodgins lymphoma over the summer of 2010.  Latest pet scan was done in late november, 2010.  Everything was fine.  Having muscular pain mostly in legs and bones crack everytime I get dressed or move in bed. Can anything be developing from the lymphoma even though I had the pet scan not that long ago?  My calcium and alkaline levels are elevated also.
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My sister had non hodgkins lymphoma too.

But, you are posting this question in the breast cancer forum and we really aren't well versed in NHL.

A PET scan will pick up cancers that are of a certain size. I've never had a bone scan and don't know if they will pick up smaller cancers or not.

I think you'll get much better response in the CANCER forum.

Best wishes.
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