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Could I have leukemia?

Hi all,  I am a 30 year old female who has not been feeling well for about a year.  It all came to a head about 2 months ago when I noticed blood/mucous in my stools, and was referred to a GI specialist, who promptly performed a abdominal CT (all organs normal except small bowel mesentery lymphaditis), colonscopy/upper endoscopy & Upper GI w/small bowel follow-through on me, as well as various IBD and CBC blood panels.  I am also newly lactose intolerant. I was just diagnosed w/Ulcerative Colitis, but I am concerned that something else is going on here.  I am worried that I might have leukemia;  I experienced terrible night sweats about 3 years ago, (Dr. said not a concern) and most recently, I have noticed small, red petechiae on my belly and upper inner arms, easy bruising (although my platlet count is 364).  I also have unexplainable headaches, and dizziness, often after eating and just general tiredness, and can sweat alot.  I also have pretty bad joint pain, especially in my left shoulder and left knee, but who knows it could be from the colitis.  Here are #'s from a recent CBC;  can anyone tell me if I should be worried and if I should push to see a hematologist & get a bone marrow biopsy?  Could I just be feeling lousy from the Colitis?  Wold my WBC be higher if I had all these symptoms of leukemia? Thanks.
WBC-10.3 Range 4.5-10.5
LY-19.8 (L) Range 20.5-51.1
MO 4.4 Range 1.7-9.3
GR 75.8 (H) Range 42.2-75.2
LY# 2.0 Range 1.2-3.4
MO# 0.5 Range 0.1-0.6
GR# 7.8 (H) Range 1.4-6.5
RBC 4.98 Range 4.00-6.00
HGB 15.7 Range 11.0-18.0
HCT 44.2 Range 35.0-60.0
MCV 88.7 Range 80.0-99.0
MCHC 35.5 Range 33-37
RDW 11.9 Range 11.6-13.7
Plt 364 Range 150-450
MPV 7.3 (L) 7.8-11.0

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I understand your fear, going through it right now. You could feel ill from what you already know that you have. When your count is up it can really drain you. My count is 17 and cant seem to shake the fever. Your numbers do not support Leukemia, but have you shared this concern with ur doc? Stress only makes things worse so do what you need to do to relax. We know our bodies so listen to it! Thinking of you!
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Your numbers are not bad; some are off just a bit.  I would have to agree with the above poster, this is not Leukemia.  In my opinion, you are feeling "crappy" because of the Colitis.  I think your labs support Colitis vs Leukemia.  

You should also post in the Gastro forum as well if you have not already.  
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