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I had non hodgkins lmyphoma about four years ago and my grandmother also was diagnosed with a different cancer the same time as me. She passed away a few months later but I am a survivor. Now I am a single mother with my miracle son who was born a little after a year from me finishing my treatment for cancer. But now I am having so many anger problems and depression I have a serious concern for my son's health and mine. I've lost my temper a few times now and i don't feel like I'm in control of any of my emotions. I just know, I need help. My mother and family have been giving me ideas but nothing has worked. I'm really worried I'm gonna lose any bit of sanity I have left. and I don't understand why I'm so mad to begin with, and why I can't control my temper anymore
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Hi and welcome!  I'm sorry to hear you are having a tough time right now.  Know that you are not alone.  I have been dealing with cancer again since 2003.  I have found myself dealing with depression at times myself.  Those of us who have dealt with such a difficult and life changing situation all know how hard it can be.  

It doesn't hurt to seek help from someone who is trained to help you deal with the emotions you are feeling.  Have you gotten any counseling?  The American Cancer Society has a wealth of programs that could lead you to someone to actually talk to and help you find some coping tools.  Their are even groups that you can join so you can talk with others that have been in the same shoes.  For me...I've had to change my diet and adapt a exercise routine that fits my schedule.  I learned that keeping things inside only fester and get worse.

There are also sites on MH that help with depression and many others to talk to.  Please...don't give up!  Reaching out is the first step to wellness!  

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