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Do I have lymphoma?

Okay so 2 weeks ago i went to the dr. for these 2 lumps i noticed on my neck that sprung out of no where. Got big and hard. Noticeable by just looking at me. The lumps showed up 2 months ago. He said to not ignore it get tested this maybe lymphoma, or it could just simply be a reactive gland. Well scheduled for chest xray, got blood work done and went to see the surgeon yo consult so i could schedule a surgery date for full biopsy of the large lump which appears to be 3cm. Well while waiting for my surgery date my primary dr. calls to let me know that my white blood cell count was high, 15000. I:m a 21 year old healthy female, just feel a bit run down lately. Night sweats....severe itchiness...Im so tired. What the hell is going on?!!?
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Unfortunately, you do have alot of the symptoms associated with lymphoma. I am waiting for a date for biopsy of x3 1 inch nodes in my groin. I also have alot of your symptoms. Please keep posting your progress.

Teresa x
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What is the result of your complete blood count and differential count?  What other examinations were done aside from chest x-ray?  What is the result of your chest x-ray?
Infection is the usual cause of enlargement of the neck nodes as well as elevation in the white blood cell count.  Lymphoma is also a consideration.  Symptoms of lymphoma include fever, weight loss, sweating, and itchiness of the skin.  
I agree with your decision to have a biopsy done.
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Im not sure about any of the answers to your questions Im not to familiar with any of this at all. Im just a little worried thats all. All The Dr. told me was that my white blood cell count was like 16000. Weight loss has come over me but not quickly over the course of eh about 7 months. Sweating is a big issue as well, i always need a fan on at night and i throw the blankets off for having hot flashes. I itch all over but i cant say thats not because of dry skin from the weather...no fevers but 2 lumps on the right side of my neck about an inch further back than the ear and ones about 3cm and the other is about 2 cm.
I guessing after the biopsy I'll go with proper treatments after the results are clarified. with whatever this may become.
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The symptoms you are experiencing are the “B” symptoms of lymphoma.  However, these symptoms are not specific to lymphoma and can also be a manifestation of other conditions.
A biopsy of the lymph node can help give a more definite diagnosis.  I also suggest to have other laboratory and imaging procedures.
Good luck.
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today has been a crappy day, i called the surgery center they said theyd call today with my date..but anyway i feel sick ive developed a nice cough and a stuffy runny nose...my ears have been itching and my throat itches....i def. had a fever for about 4 hours earlier today. I dont know I just feel like a sickly person at the age of 21...i know this whole lymphoma think probably has be stressed out and on tope of my lymph node being vulnerable as a part of my immune system i've managed to get sick. Go figure..
do you think by some weird act of god, maybe this little cold is a god send maybe it's been lingering for 2 months?? Making my lymph node swell?? If thatd be the case wouldnt my lymph node be sore or sensitive to touch?? Because I have no sensation or any kind of pain or discomfort with my lumps.
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Chronic infections can cause persistent swelling of the lymph nodes.  If you have recurrent infection of the upper respiratory tract, the lymph nodes in the neck area would tend to enlarge.  There may or may not be associated tenderness of the involved lymph nodes.
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