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Eczema or something else - Lymphoma?

Around mid-September, I experienced what I still suspect was an eczema flare-up. I was diagnosed with It 8 years ago and It predominantly formed around my elbow pits. This sudden flare-up has been the first one I've had since the diagnosis and It also occurred around my elbow pits, but whether due to the OTC medications I was using or some other factors, the skin condition started to spread all over my arms, my neck, my hands, to my torso, my groin, my legs and more recently my feet.

Even more recently, my body suddenly started to overheat whenever I tried to get sleep. I was fine throughout the day but the mere act of putting my duvet on top of me would skyrocket the temperature of my body. I tried opening the window to cool myself - nothing. I tried sleeping with just my briefs - nothing. I tried sleeping with a single blanket to reduce layers - nothing. I suspected an infection and consulted with a doctor.

They took my temperature and everything reported positively and eventually, I got treatment a few days ago by a prescription of Flucloxacillin and Eumovate.

I've been using them for 1.5 days now and I've noticed a substantial improvement In my condition. Compounded with the use of a colloidal oatmeal lotion, I am experiencing little to no itching, my wounds are healing and I'm gradually more able to sleep without an increase in temperature.  

However, when I was reaching for an itch under my armpit a few moments ago, I noticed a few  - three as far as I can tell - particularly small lumps that move around. I had been scratching here a lot for prior weeks and never felt anything till now. They are so small they aren't visible on the surface of the skin, but I compared the feeling with my right armpit and there's something definitely going on.

Prior to treatment, I had spotted the same lump sensation below my left nipple, near my left collarbone, on my neck (this one appears to go down), slightly below my right jaw (a place with no eczema), and possibly around the intersection of my waist and my groin (though this may be an overreaction and might just be a bone) though with a different number of lumps (typically one or two).

Additionally, before my GP consultation, I was scratching at night so much that my bedsheets would be covered with dead skin - like a lot - even with the treatment, this hasn't gone down much yet. I'm currently investigating if It might be an allergic reaction to my duvet, but eventually, I started to notice leathery patches of skin on my thighs, knee pits, buttocks, penis, groin, scrotum, torso, neck, hands (pretty much any area I was scratching a lot). I personally attributed this to lichenification, but after taking a further look at I can't help but wonder if these symptoms are a sign of something else.

I'm not sure what eczema is supposed to look like but while I had it 8 years ago It was always isolated to my pit areas. My armpits, my elbow pits, and my knee pits, but never once extended past those areas like this apparent flare-up has. I had never once overheated like during this one, but taking a shower always stung - a feeling noticeably absent with this supposed flare-up even when using fragrance body-wash (with the exception of a very particular place on my neck).

I wouldn't say I lost my appetite but I had not been eating for days recently because my body and mind were completely occupied fighting this condition. And while I did feel incredibly hungry today, I would expect that days of simply eating cereal and drinking water would lead to an overwhelming appetite yet I don't feel all that hungry. And lastly, this time I have been noticing substantial reddening of my skin predominantly around my arms, hands, around my collarbone areas, always under my scrotum and mildly on my legs.

Could these be signs of something much worse like Lymphoma? Additionally, given the circumstances of the pandemic, my medical practitioner is only doing consultations by phone but I believe this is a concern worthy of a physical assessment, so Is there a specialist, in particular, I should be looking for. I've seen dermatologists in the past but I don't know If this is a concern relevant to dermatology.
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Hi, the short answer is that no doctor would likely think there is a lymphoma. I doubt that any would even order an ultrasound at this point.

The slightly enlarged nodes are very likely to be "reactive" and not malignant. That means the cause is something to do with the immune system - as typically also does fever.

"taking a shower always stung"
If that were your only symptom (aquagenic pruritis, which can mean pain, and not only itching), then I'd think a doc would want to rule out polycythemia vera. But I don't think that applies here, I'm merely mentioning the worst possible cause that might conceivably exist.

If you want to go afield and research into the overall underlying cause of flareups, I'd look into "mast cells" and stress aka lockdowns.

The impact of psychological stress on mast cells - Annals of Allergy, Allergy and Immunology

Jul 16, 2020 ... "Psychological stress worsens many diseases, especially asthma, atopic dermatitis [eczema]..."
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correction:  Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

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