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Enlarged Groin/pelvis lymph node

It snowed in my city twice in the past month and when the weather changes from hot to cold i always catch a cold.  Lately a day after it snow i developed a cold and a cough.  its two weeks later and i still have a cough not persistant it goes off and on and when i cough i noticed in my groin/pelvis area a lump appears. just wanna to know is that normal??? what is it a symptom of??
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Lymph nodes filter bacteria and viruses in response to illness. It is normal to have a lymph node swell when fighting a cold. The fact that it protrudes when you cough doesn't indicate anything abnormal. Your abdomen and stomach muscles contract as you cough which would make it more noticable. If it continues to enlarge, or doesn't go away after about 2 weeks after your cold goes away, it wouldn't hurt to have it checked by your doctor.
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My brother just told me he has swollen lympnodes in his abdomen with pain and on his liver.  I didn't know lymphnodes grew in these two places. He says, he's been told surgery is necessary to make sure he doesn't get cancer. Somethings doesn't seem right with this prognosis to me.  What do you think

Thanks CS
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