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Enlarged Lypmh Nodes 1 Year +


My story is a long one, but I am going to try to keep it short. Basically, about a year and a half ago I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. At the time I had had a case of some pretty nasty sinus/allergy episodes so I didn't think anything of it. What I did notice though is that even after I was over the sinus problems and stuff, the node stayed enlarged. Now it has been over a year since having sinus problems and it still has not shrunk down. The node is painless, but it causes me some discomfort. I've never actually measured it, but if I had to guess I'd say it's about the size of the tip of my index finger. I have had doctors look at it and they usually tell me it's not big enough to cause any real concern and that if it grows bigger to come back. Blood tests have all come back normal and I've had countless ones. As far as my overall health goes, I feel fine. I run 5 miles at least 4 times a week, I lift weights, I'm active, and I have a pretty normal appetite. I sleep through the night without any night sweats or things of that nature. I do still have post nasal drip almost constantly because of allergies and I have acid reflux. Other than that, you could say I'm a pretty healthy person. I guess my question is with a lymph node like this being present for over a year with no real enlarging that I can tell and if it is getting bigger, I can barely notice it, what could it be? I spoke to a guy who had lymphoma and he said he had a lump show up and then about 4 months later he was sick as a dog and that just hasn't been the case for me at all. Any feedback is appreciated. This week I am planning on going to see a family friend who is a doctor for a physical exam of it so I can get a professional opinion, but until then this problem still bothers me on a daily basis and I just want some peace of mind. Thanks!
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Even though no one has posted yet, I thought I would share a minor update on my situation. My mom's best friend is a nurse practitioner and she came over to the house and examined me and told me that I am swollen, but not to the point where it would warrant any further investigation. She said that since my minor swelling is pretty symmetrical that she sees no cause for concern and suggested that maybe I am obsessing too much over it. (touching it a lot, stressing out, etc.) She seems to think it's just a combination of my allergies and acid reflux that keep my lymph nodes a little large than normal and that maybe I should consider getting more serious about getting my allergies/GERD under control because I am currently taking no medication.

I'm going to do my best now to just try to live my life without looking for terminal diseases every day. The internet has turned me into a serious hypochondriac and I hate it so much. It's almost like no matter how many doctors tell me not to worry I'm always wanting that second opinion. I think these websites are great for people already diagnosed, but I'm afraid I won't be visiting again to try to self-diagnose. Best of luck to all of you!
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