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First time posting, nervous and worried

Sorry I'm a first timer and a little nervous. I'm a 33 yr old white male.
Within the past year I had my gallbladder taken out and appendix..
I recently went to the doctor to get blood work and he never looked
At it therefore I asked for a copy myself. The bloodwork that has me
Nervous is.
ALP.     323.   High
AST.     348.   H
ALT.     316.   H
Total billirubin.  .5.    H
Albumin.           3.6.  L
Total protein is  5.0.  L
WBC.                3.0    L
Lymphocytes.   510 with 13%.    Low
Neutraphills.     2010.       68%
Monocytes.       200.        8%
Esinophils.        179.        6%
Basophils.         40.          1%

The reason I went to the doctors was severe fatigue, decrease appetite,
Went from 205 lbs to 165 lbs in 6 months, severe sweating throughout
The day, sudden acne on forehead, pain in middle of my back on right
Side, one swollen lymphnode on neck not severe just enough to notice
It's swollen, itchy all over body especially at night. My last complaint was
I lost my drive to do anything, I used to be very active and I just feal blah.
I have another appt today with a new doctor today. I would appreciate any
Advice, opinions, or what you think. After doing research lymphoma was
Popping up in all my searches which lead me to this board thanks
Tags: lymphoma, enlarged liver, fatigue, Acne, Swollen lymphnode, low lymphocytes, Low WBC Count
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Hi, I wouldn't be too worried at this point about lymphoma. Although a doc has to at least consider the possibility of cancer, it's not the likeliest diagnosis in your case. Keep in mind that lymphoma is a disease of immune cells, and so similar symptoms can come from infections.

The high liver enzymes generally wouldn't be typical of lymphoma. The gallbladder problem makes me wonder if you happened to be more than a little overweight? Maybe you have fatty liver, which might be causing the high liver enzymes? If not that, then having some gallbladder disease could be a clue here.

The severe weight loss itself can also affect your immune system.

All in all, everything is just guesswork at this point and there not reason in your case to focus on the worst. Good luck with your appointment.

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The doctor today reinforced my worries,
She's diagnosed that I have an enlarged liver
Due to tenderness during examination and
High lft.  I was told lymphocytes pass through
The spleen and liver and can lymphoma can
Defiantly affect either one.  I have never been
Overweight in my life, and have never tried or
Wanted to lose weight. Me losing weight comes
From a poor appetite and fealing full all the
Time. Symptoms of lymphoma from what I've
Read.  My gallbladder was takin out 12 months
Ago therefore I don't understand how I would
Have gallbladder disease.   My bloodwork ruled
Any type of hepatitis and I don't drink alcohol.
I am getting an ultrasound in the morning and
Even more worried now that my doctor reinforced
My signs and symptoms: swollen lymphnode,
Constant sweating, raised lft's and possible
Enlarged liver/splean, loss of 20% of body weight
Within a 6 months(unintentional), new acne on face
Dr said this possibly is from liver, itchy all over, fatigue/
Weakness, hot and cold spells. Hopefully I'll get more
Bloodwork results tommorow plus ultra sound.
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I should have phrased it as: "having had gallbladder disease in the past" as being a clue. Since the liver makes the bile that the gallbladder stores (so they are/were directly physically connected), and now you have liver function problems, I'd recommend that you ask on whatever forum deals with liver disease. Since you weren't an over-eater, did you have the type of gallbladder stones that were related to your high bilirubin? (as opposed to the more common stones made from cholesterol)

There is such a thing as lymphoma that starts in the gall bladder, but that would be very rare - and the surgeon who took it out would probably have immediately seen that it was cancerous. A gallbladder cancer might have also been seen on whatever pre-operative scan you had. I don't know if removed gallbladders are routinely sent to the lab, but I'd guess that they are, and cancer would have been detected then.

Your symptoms can also arise from other causes. Maybe inflammation in the liver causes your neutrophils to get fired up so that they are destrying other cells, including the red blood cells whose leftover remains include

If oyur doc thought you had advanced lymphoma she'd have ordered a bone marrow biopsy as a way of checking the cause of your low cell counts.

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