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Groin problems, granulomacytolus changes, swelling on R side in illiac crest

Does anyone experiences swelling on R side along iliac crest sometimes closer to belly button and increased pressure in upper tight?
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To add: I had history of unusual local yeast infection several years ago that has resolved now, but lasted close to 1 year. This triggered lymph nodes enlargement in groin area, that continue to be around 2 cm after 3 years. Had one of the lymph nodes biopsied 2 years ago showed, granulomatous changes, I presume due to the yeast. For a year now discomofort in R iliac crest (same side as biopsy) with swelling on the outside of hip (where you would hold your hand on hip) sometimes discomfort closer to belly button. I looked deformed on R side (visible swelling for the past few months). I saw several doctors that do not want to examine this area (gyn, orthopedic surgeon). I start to feel more and more discomfort especially when standing up.
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I can't say I've ever experienced this myself.  Do the doctors still think it's lymph nodes or something else?  Why do they not want to examine that area?  Maybe you need to have a CT scan or an ultrasound, but it doesn't seem right that a doctor would dismiss this.    
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