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Had ultrasound done, now more worried!!

Hi there! I had posted here before and found the advice given very helpful so I was hoping to get some more! I have FINALLY had my ultrasound done and now am more worried than before :( Briefly, my problem started with one swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck and constant headache a year ago. I am suffering severe fatigue for the past few months(really struggling to wake up). The gist of the ultrasound was lots of pretty big lymphs on average 19mm x 6mm(about 10 this size) and lots of other of similar size. There were a lot more under the collarbone as well. Saw the consultant today for the result and he was horrid. He basically said if its cancer we will treat you if its not go away and deal with it and get on with your life(I wish I was joking!!). "Come back in 2 weeks for a biopsy". That was it. I explained that over the past year I have had multiple courses of antibiotics(at least 15 I've lost count) and therefore if it was infection would so much antibiotics not have gotten rid of whatever it may be? He said "the patient he had seen before me had a large sist on the back of his neck from acne and the antibiotics cleared it up nicely"?????? So this gives you an idea of what I'm dealing with(no option to go somewhere else I'm afraid). When my husband asked him was it relevant that there were so many large ones he simply replied "They are not considered large" So my questions to you good folks are: Would you be worried about so many large lymphs? is 19mm x 6mm considered large? Is it normal to keep getting more and more despite all of the antibiotics?  And finally, does the biopsy hurt AND work??? Many thanks in advance
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Hi, antibiotics only deal with bacterial infections, not viruses, fungus or parasites.

Are yours larger than normal? Yes.

What's the cause of your "regional lymphadenopathy"? A biopsy should be able to tell that. But cancer is certainly not the only possible cause.

An ultrasound can give clues, such as the shape, the presence of the normal little bit of fat around the exit area (the hilum), the density, etc. Do you have the report?

Does a biopsy hurt? It's a relatively small incision and doesn't go deep. They more or less make a cut to expose the node, then lift it with tweezers/forceps and slice underneath it to free it, then pull it out. It's a simple thing and will set your mind at ease.

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Are you seeing a regular primary doctor or a specialist.  I would go see a Hematologist/Oncologist and let them see what is going on for once.  This doctor sounds like a Quack.  I always believe in second opinions no matter what it is.
I agree with Ken, and put your mind at ease.  If it is something that needs immediate attention I would want to go get the biopsy ASAP.
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