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Help- low lymphocytes & high nuerophil count

So I went into my doctor because I have been extremely lethargic , so tired , the littlest things make me exhausted , my whole body is aching , joints and chest , in general I feel crappy to say it nicely

My blood work came back and I'm signed up on a patient portal which alerts me to tests that have come back
My neutrophils were 78
My lymphocytes were 17

A little back ground on myself , I am a type 1 diabetic on a insulin pump , I am 35 and had to have a hysterectomy when I was 24 due to having cancer cells in my uterus -
I moved a few months ago and have only seen this doctor twice , so she only knows me by medical records
She wrote me a email stating she couldn't rule out leukemia ( please note this was over a email ) we have never spoken about this face to face and to repeat blood work in 2 weeks .
I was so shocked I called right away after receiving her email -
This is the response I got
" you need to stop worrying your going to give yourself a headache "
Oh my god of course I am worried ! Everyone in my family has passed away from cancer !

My question really is - should I be worried about these low & high numbers ?
They were not like this a year ago ....
Thank you for any help !
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Hi, the most usual cause would be some infection. Leukemia would be far down on the list of possibilities. I really wouldn't worry about cancer at this point.

Can you post the test ranges? They seem only slightly out of normal.
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I'm rather new to this let me look I'm not sure how to read these lol
Neutrophils 49-74% mine was 78
Lymphocytes 26-46% mine was 17

Is that what you were looking for ? Sorry if I'm wrong ,
I'm really not sure if I need to get a second opinion as she doesn't even care I've been sick for 2 months with no reasoning why ? But possibly could be because of my blood test results? Some underlying problem ?
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Neutrophils increase to fight certain types of infections. That is their main and usual job. But a cancer in the neutrophils would be very, very rare.

Her thinking probably goes like this:

-- many, many people come in complaining of tiredness. many people.

-- maybe you have some persistent infection, so it's standard procedure to do a CBC blood test

-- some infections can also make lymphocytes go low.

-- most patients probably will get better over time by themselves, so the best strategy is to wait and see, and restest in a few weeks

-- she can't "rule out" leukemia, but it is very unlikely at this point. I would guess that you had outright asked her if you might have leukemia, is that correct?


That said, if you have had this for months, then it very possibly won't go away on its own in your case, and you and she have to start investigating what the actual cause is. But the cause is probably not cancer.

One thing to keep in mind: in general, when a person has one autoimmune disease, they are more likely than usual to have other immune dysfunctions, too. I don't know if that applies to T1DM specifically.  

I saw your other post from May. I'd guess that whatever is happening in the chest is key here. Does the feeling seem to be in the chest? Does it change when you breath hard?
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"Does the feeling seem to be in the chest?"

Oops, I'd meant: does it seem to be in the lungs?
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The pain is my chest is more like a bone pain , it subsided for a month then came back , it's more like a spider web pain , when I take a deep breath , or sit forward .
And no I never personally mentioned leukemia , that's what she wrote me in a patient portal message ? That's why I was immediately worried -
Cause nothing had ever been said about it , we just did blood work because I've been feeling ****** for the past couple of months with dizziness , fatigue , bruising , joint & body pain -
I'm no where near finding out the root of the issue or what's going on ?
I'm still at point A - I think I may switch doctors as she doesn't seem to want to help me figure out what's going on
I just want my life back - 2 months being on the couch with no energy to even get up to clean or cook - I'm done with feeling like this
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"And no I never personally mentioned leukemia , that's what she wrote me in a patient portal message ? That's why I was immediately worried - "

Anybody would have been frightened by that!

That's probably why she did a CBC, looking for low platelets, which can be a sign of a blood cancer.

"I'm no where near finding out the root of the issue or what's going on ?"
very high lymphocytes on your CBC could have meant a leukemia, but that is apparently ruled out now

"I just want my life back - 2 months being on the couch with no energy to even get up to clean or cook"
that's commonly said by people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Did you have a VERY bad cold that started things off?

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I haven't had any colds or flu bugs at all ..
Symptoms started roughly 5 months ago with some achenes here and there then out of no where I woke up one morning about 2 months ago with dizziness & coukdnt even stand for more than a couple of minutes , every bone in my body hurt .
It just got worse from there , with the fatigue , tiredness etc
Not to sound gross but even getting up to potty makes me tired - I
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Well,I can help you to narrow down some things and also get some understanding, if you keep replying in a timely fashion.

For starters, tiredness and dizziness *could* have been from anemia (low in red blood cells that carry oxygen), but your CBC ruled that out.

Next we'd suspect dehydration. Are you getting enough water intake?

What did they read when they took your blood pressure?
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I drink about 6-8 water bottles a day sometimes more depending on the day
Blood pressure is always good , I'll have to look on my paper to see what it was .
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That was fast :)

Next, try this: take you pulse rate after lying down for a few minutes. Then stand and immediately take it again. What are both numbers?

Do you have a blood pressure monitor?
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Blood pressure was 121/80
I've never had an issue with my blood pressure
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I don't know how to take my pulse rate , I'm sorry :(
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It's a test for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which might relate to dizziness and can be associated with tiredness. There is also Orthostatic Hypotension, which is different than the usual way they take blood pressure in the doctor's office. Without having anemia or dehydration or sitting hypotension, they are a logical next step to check out.

You take your pulse just by feeling at your neck's carotid artery while watching a clock, and calculating beats per minute. There are probably many how-to videos on youtube.

Some people with POTS cannot stand without fainting and eventually get bedridden.

Okay, I've got to make supper. Good luck to you in finding a cause.
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Hi Ken, I see lots of responses by you in this community and wondering if you could give a rough opinion on my situation? Enlarged Spleen diagnoses last year at 13.4 cm and fatty liver. Normal blood work. Two weeks ago diagnosed with enlarged spleen at 14.1 cm and now liver is also enlarged and fatty. Both confirmed by ultrasound. WBC 11.7 ( always runs a bit high ), LY at 15, Nuet at 9.4 all slightly worse from last year when they were within normal range. Now I absolutely terrified that my doctor is testing me for Leukemia and Lymphoma!
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I too have similar scores, My neutrophils absolute score is high 7.1x10E3/uL or 69%, Eos absolute high 0.5x10E3/uL 5%, lymphs 18%, monocytes 7%, basos 5%,, wbc 10.2 vs normal 3.4-10.8,Ast high 64 IU/Ul, AND my Alt is high 52 IU/Ul I'm negative for all hepatitis forms. What could be going on? Having a stomach ultrasound done tomorrow but I'm worried.  I also have extreme hot flashes, night sweats, fever chills and bruise way too often easy
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