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High white blood cell count

I am 16 years old and just wondering (I did not want to make a doctor's appointment just for this) but in the past few years I have had a few blood tests and each time they say I have a high white blood cell count. I know that is some how related to leukemia, but I did not know where to post this. However, my doctor doesn't seem the slightest bit concerned. I am just wondering what sort of medical problems are associated with a high white blood cell count? Anemia? Please help :)
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Hi. High white blood cell count (leukocytosis) does not necessarily equate with leukemia.  More common conditions which can result in leukocytosis are the following:

1. Bacterial or viral infections
2. Parasitic infestations
3. Steroid use
4. Exercise
5. Any inflammatory condition (examples: certain forms of arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease)

Although the white blood cell count is usually elevated in leukemias, the hallmark of this disease is the appearance of atypical/ abnormal white blood cells in blood and bone marrow smears.
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