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I found bumps above my collar bones? What could they be?

Alright, so a little background:  about six months ago, I was sitting at my desk in my home office and somehow, I discovered a little rubbery bump on the inside of my arm near the elbow.  Upon further self-examination, I found I had the same rubbery bump on the inside of my other elbow.  They're both somewhat rubbery and movable.  I'd say both are each size of an ear bud off of a pair of in-ear headphones.

I went to a local walk-in clinic and the doctor there felt them and said they were lipomas.  He prescribed me some antibiotics for a sinus infection.  The bumps have stayed the same size.

Fast forward to about a month ago (two months after I found the bumps by my elbows), I was laying down on my couch at home and was rubbing the area about halfway between my shoulder and neck and I came across a very hard lump that almost seems to be sitting on top of my trapezius muscle, or whatever the muscle is called between the neck and shoulder.  Again, upon further self-examination, I feel the same very hard lump in what seems the same exact spot on the opposite shoulder area.

At first, I really had to dig deep to feel the bumps...hunching my shoulders does helped me find the bumps easier before.  Now, I can think I feel them when my shoulders are relaxed.  Am I being paranoid?
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Hi, for lymphoma to be so symmetrical like that would be very, very unusual.

When you say that the trapezius bumps are "very hard", do you mean "rock hard"?

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