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I think I might have leukemia, am I overreacting?

Hi, I've been having a few of these symptoms for years now, but its just been brought to my attention that I might possibly have leukemia. I had told him I was feeling nauseous an he had said you gt sick very often it's like you have leukemia. I was confused and he explained to me why he thought that, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously but I looked up some of the symptoms and I have/had a lot of them. I'll list some of them:
1. Red spots under the skin in patches, this happened often when I was younger but not as often now (but I still get them every few weeks in small amounts)
2. Unexplained bruises, happens often
3. Constant nausea and/or dizziness. Nausea happens about 2-3 times every week. Dizziness every few days.
4. Joint/Bone pain, this happens very often. (almost everyday)
5. Bleeding gums, this happened a lot before I got braces but probably because I didn't floss but once every few weeks.
I'm probably overreacting so I don't want to go to my mom about making me a doctors appointment. If you would please answer this on whether or not I should go to a doctor or any questions about my symptoms or anything you could do to help me that would be great!
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Hi Helena,

If you have had these symptoms for a prolonged period of time it's definitely worth going to see a doctor as these are all symptoms of leukemia. With the technology and medical knowledge we have nowadays identifying cancer early can help the effectiveness of the treatment massively.

About 90% of people diagnosed with leukemia are adults so it is possible that you do not have blood cancer, but as I always say it's better to be safe than sorry.

Also going to the doctors will help you find out why you have your symptoms and then you can get the treatment you need to get better.

Here is some more information on leukemia which could be useful http://leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk/ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leukemia

I hope everything is OK in the end and you get better soon.
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Hi:  I do have Leukemia, now there are different types.  Mine was found with a routine blood test which showed a elevated white blood count.  To give youpeace of mind, ask your doctor to run some tests on you.  It could be something totally different.
Know that if you have Leukemia that it is so much more treatable than many years ago.  I was diagnosed in 1998, and I am doing fine right now.  Please post when you find out what is going on.  God Bless you for good results.
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Hello Helena, Suzzie is absolutely correct..there are different types. I personally don't appreciate a physician making a flip remark like yours did. Rather insensitive. You do need to simply have a CBC...and that will tell you where your blood work stands. If your white blood cells are extremely high in counts, causing Eosinophilia ..a major red light tells the doctor you need to have more extensive test, and perhaps a cat scan. Referring you to a hematologist oncologist may be his next move. If a cat scan comes back with no sign of anything wrong, a specialist may still want to do a bone marrow aspiration just to make sure they are not missing something. Have you in the past had anemia, or pernicious anemia? Have you been told you have a weak auto immune system? I am going frankly as I type this through all the test I just mentioned. My cat scan is this week, and then a bone aspiration. However, my most recent blood test shows improvement and I may go get a copy and compare it to the one done a month ago (I have since started taking supplements and doing a lot of nutritional support for my body) if my blood work has improved  to the extent its closer to normal, I will not expose myself to the radiation of a cat scan nor will I have a bone aspiration. Until these two test are complete there is really no other way to confirm the diagnosis of Leukemia, nor which type. I wish you well and the one thing that is very important to remember. ALWAYS get a second opinion. It is your life, stay in control. My best to you, Hospice MA
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Hi, I know this is an old thread but I have a question about my blood work. You seem to know a lot about this so I'm hoping you can help me. I actually have a WBC count on the lower side but a huge percentage, double the normal, of these WBC's are lymphocytes. Do you know if that could be leukemia or does leukemia always present with high WBC count in conjunction with differential abnormalities? I have most of the symptoms of leukemia with the exception of fever. Thank you
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