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Leukemia, polycythemia Vera questions

Hello, I’ve been having a lot of trouble catching my breath. Dizziness. Lethargy. I have been on testosterone replacement therapy for a couple years. So I had some CBC done. I stopped TRT since November. Here are my current results...
WBC- 5.55 thousand/ul
RBC- 5.23 million/ul
Hemoglobin- 17.3g/dl
Hematocrit- 49.6%
MCV- 95 fl
Mch- 33.1pg
Mchc- 34.9g/dL
Mpv- 8.8fl
Platelets- 141 thousand/ul
Neutroliphs relative- 1%
Immat grans- 0%
Lymphocytes relative- 28%
Monocytes rel- 7%
Eosinophils rel- 1%
Basophils rel- 0
Neutrophils absolute- 3.54 thou/ul
Immature grabs absolutel- 0.01 thou/ul
Lymphocytes absolute- 1.53 thou thou/ul
Monocytes absolute- .39 thou/ul
Eosinophils absolute- .06 thou/ul
Basophils absolute- .02 thou/ul
nRBC- 0
Any info on these labs is appreciated. Thanks!!!
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Hi, polycythemia vera is a blood cancer, but you only have polycythemia - which simply means an increased number of red blood cells but not being a cancer.

TRT is known to cause polycythemia, but I don't think that leads to polycythemia vera. The possible risk that is talked about is from blood clots, because the blood gets thickened. However,  your hematocrit is 49.6%, while the level for any worry seems to be 52% or greater.

You can donate a unit of blood to reduce the number of RBCs. I don't know how long it should take for the number of RBCs to go back down naturally.
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