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Leukemia or Virus?

I'm a 15 year old, 5'9 female, weighing 120 pounds. For months now I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, especially recently. It is super hard to stay awake during school and even harder to wake up on the morning- let alone actually get out of bed! Off and on I've been getting random "infections", or whatever they may be. Two months ago I was in the hospital with a crippling headache, fever, and rash- turns out I had strep throat (even though I had my tonsils taken out when I was 7). Because pills wouldn't work, they gave me meds through an IV. Before that, earlier in the school year, I had stayed home on multiple occasions either because of being ill or the lack of ability to get through the day. So far this year I have missed nearly 11 days of school because of this stuff. Here recently, things haven't gotten any better- more like worse. Every morning I wake up drenched in sweat which accumulates overnight. Even when I remove covers, the problem isn't solved because I just wake up again by coldness! Along with this, morning's ALWAYS bring nausea and dizziness- total weakness. A few weeks ago, I began to develop what looked/looks like some sort of rash? It consists of red bumps, although they aren't raised, that itched at first. Now, the itching has completely subsided, and the red spots look and feel like bruises! Soon after, and over all feeling of aching took over. Following this, a lymph node on the left side of my neck became swollen, and still is. It is tender to the touch, but not exactly "painful". Because of this, my dad decided to take me to see a nurse practitioner at a nearby pharmacy. Vitals were taken, and I was surprised by my weight decrease- three weeks earlier I was 128, now 120lbs! I knew that I had a loss of appetite, but I was still eating what I thought was a normal amount? Anywho, the nurse took my temperature and I had a 101degree "fever", if you'd like to call it that. I had NO idea that I was running one! The practicioner eventually gave me a strep-test, which came back negative. The lady was baffled, because she had convinced herself that that was the case. Because she had no idea of what was causing my symptoms, I was given Amoxicillin to fight off any infection that I may have. When I got home, I took my temperature (three/four hours later) and it was 96 degrees- I was of course, very confused by this. The persistent headache that I had been having continued, getting worse and worse, especially on the back of my head. To top everything off, my lower back gave me nearly debilitating pain, as well had my legs (hips, knees, etc). Random bruises started appearing, which was happening, but not to this extent. And every time after I ate a meal, I would get a sharp, but aching pain right below my ribs. 9 days after my most recent doctor's visit, I was taken to my actual pediatrician, because I was told that if my symptoms did not improve, to visit a doctor. Well, when I got there, my temperature was back up to 101.5 degrees (what?). I told the doctor everything that had been going on, and he simply stated that it was allergies or the reminents of a virus. Number one, I don't have allergies, number two, how could this be a virus!? I was told by my therapist and the nurse practitioner that blood would likely be drawn to look for infections or other possibilities. Well, this didn't happen. The doctor barely looked over me either? I was simply told to "come back if it gets worse". I'm slightly pissed off, because my parents are dismissing my symptoms and how bad I feel because it will "more than likely go away". If it was going to go away, wouldn't it be gone already? This stuff started months ago?

I am in need of some serious help here- all of these symptoms are still occurring, and I just want to know what is going on. I don't know what is wrong with me!
Am I going crazy, or is this stuff actually happening or even related in any way?!
If you read this crazy long thing- THANK YOU!
I have no one to go to and talk about this with, so any comments or replies are appreciated...
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