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What diagnosis leads when CBC comes back with high WBC 40.2, low RBC 3.73, RDW 17.8 , Platelet low 75, Bands 20, lymphocytes 11, metamyelocyte 4, myelocyte 3 and reticulocyte ct 2.3?  A type of Leukemia or could RA cause such results?
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Hi:  If your doctor sent you for these blood tests, did they say Why?  Were they looking for something, and for what reason. What kind of symptoms did you have?  Usually Leukemia is found through a routine blood test, and not because of symptoms other than maybe feeling tired all the time.
    The fact that you have a high WBC indicates that something is wrong.  You need to have it checked out as soon as possible.
    I have Leukemia, and did not feel sick.  I just went for my yearly medical blood test, and my WBC was 11, then it was repeated and it was 18.  40.2 is way too high.
At 18 they did a bone marrow biopsy on me to see what was going on, and thats how they found out I had Leukemia.  I have Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia or its called CML.
   Please act on this right away to find out what is going on with you.  Please post back after you find out what the problem is.  I wil try to help you out if I can.
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