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Lump Under Jaw Line

I am a 25 year old male with a very stressfull occupation.  I found a dime size painless lump under my jaw line on the right side.  I have allergies to air irritants but I am not currently suffering from the symptoms and I don't have a cold.  The left side has no lumps.  Please help.  (although no blood relation i just had a family member diagnosed with cancer in the same area)  So I am very worried.  Please Help.
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I understand your concern.
A lump in the submandibular area (under your jaw line) can be an enlarged lymph node from a previous infection, either a head and neck infection or a respiratory infection.  Most of the time, even after the resolution of infection, the enlarged lymph node persist.  Other considerations for a lymph node in the head and neck area are lymphomas and metastatic carcinomas.
I suggest you consult your doctor for proper evaluation.
Good luck.
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