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Lump in neck, chest and back pain

Okay so I’m after a bit of advice.

About three months ago I went to the doctor as I was extremely fatigued and thirsty. Around that time I had been feeling some discomfort in my chest/lung area and occasionally pain. Also during this time and up until about a week ago I had been experiencing what I guess is night sweats, I wouldn't wake up to (nothing wakes me up) but every morning I could smell sweat on my clothes and only once or twice I was covered in sweat, but never thought anything of it, even though it was winter/spring time. I had a blood test taken to check my blood sugar and a few other things (don't remember what) and all my doctor said was I don’t have diabetes. He also checked my breathing but said absolutely nothing. Soon all symptoms went away.

About a week ago I found a lump on my neck under my ear. I don't think it is noticeable and it is quite soft and painless. The pain in my lungs has returned, although worse. Right now I am sitting on my couch and feeling slight pain. I can't get comfortable. My upper back has also been annoying me, it starts to hurt for no apparent reason, however if I sit down and lean my back against something it does feel better. Yesterday I walked up about 20 stairs and I got slightly puffed. I'm really tired again, and generally feel like crap. I had already been taking iron tablets.

Should I go back to my doctor, and what should I do again if he doesn't find anything wrong again. Is it worth worrying about, or should I try a different doctor? I don’t want to go in there sounding like a hypochondriac but I want to find whatever is wrong, if at all. I haven’t been sick recently and have no explanation as to why I would have what I suspect is a swollen lymph node.
Also I should add that I am 18 and female.
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Hi inky,
Based on your symptoms alone, it's questionable whether it could be something as serious as lymphoma or something like pneumonia or bronchitis.  Do you have chest congestion or a cough?  

Most of the time, swollen lymph nodes are due to infection brewing somewhere within the body.  Night sweats due to lymphoma are usually drenching and cause you to wake up and change your clothes/bedding.   Were your white blood cells within normal range on the blood test?  High WBC's usually means you are fighting an infection.  

I think 3 months is long enough to be experiencing the same symptoms and I would recommend you go back to your doctor.  He may want to do a chest x-ray or put you on antibiotics for a while to see if the symtoms clear up.  

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First is what type of doctor did you see, and then if your not feeling any better I would go see him again.  If your not satisfied with what he says, then I would see a specialist to evaluate what is going on.
It could be nothing related to a Leukemia or Lymphoma.  I do have Leukemia, and it was found through a simple routine blood test where I had a elevated White Blood Count (WBC)  I would ask for a complete work-up to rule out any problems your having.  I would not just let it go to wait and see.  You could just have a bad infection somewhere also.
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yes. Go back and have another blood test done. CBC and chemistry and see what happens.
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