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Lump on my armpit. Please help.

I have a lump under my armpit it comes and goes and it is always sore but this time it's REALLY painful My bra rubs against it and makes it hurt more. It hurts when I touch it too. And it's gotten red. I did put a cooling pack on it and it took some of the pain out of it. My underarm hurts when I move my arm or raise it and I can't lay on that side it hurts pretty bad. I also get fiber cysts on my breasts every once in a while....could it be a Cyst? Please answer. I worried.
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Sounds as if it could be a cyst, Lymphoma lymph nodes are normally Hard, Not mobile (Fixed to the under laying tissue), and bigger than 1 cm (In the arm pit) They also tend to grow slowly not come and go. If this comes and goes I would talk to your doctor about a possible low range infection or maybe a cyst. To me it doesn't sound much like lymphoma. But see a doctor to rule out any doubts

Hope this helps
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