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Lump on side of foot

My son was hit by a baseball in the lower calf of the leg.  His leg was sore afterwards, but the pain increased several days later, and more into his foot.  3 days after being hit by the baseball we noticed he had a very hard lump on the side of his foot, the inside of his foot, between the big toe and ankle.  It was very tender, and caused him to limp.  This is the same leg he was hit in, but it is much lower than where he was actually hit.  Doctor sent him for xrays which were normal, so we know nothing is broke.  The lump itself is still tender, and hard, but he can walk and move his foot without pain now.

Any ideas?
Thank you!
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My guess is that it's related to the baseball injury even though the lump formed below where he was actually hit.  I got hit 2 years ago by a softball just above the inside of my ankle and the inside of my foot turned purple (along with the ankle).  Gravity causes the blood to pool downward, making a pretty purple bruise.  The area I was actually hit turned hard, and to this day is still hard...almost like it formed some scar tissue underneath.
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