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Lymphoma and Breast Lump

I was diagnosed in March 2007 with NHL, Stage 1E and have a tumor in my stomach lining that hasnt got any better in the last year. I've had a slew of other problems such as 10 UTI's in the past year, the last one (this week) i was urinating blood. i'm on watch and wait and have had no treatments. Last week i found a pea sized lump in my right breast at the top. what are the odds of getting breast cancer with NHL? are there actual odds or stats i can look at and understand? I have an appt at the womens breast clinic on thursday evening.. but i'm really scared. I'm 35 y/o and have 3 teen daughters at home, can anyone tell me anything?? Thanks.
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Hello??? anyone??
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Do you know the exact histologic type of your NHL?  You made a comment in one of the posts with a question on MALT lymphoma.  Is it safe to assume that you have gastric MALT lymphoma?
Based on the Ann Arbor Staging System, stage IE means there is involvement of a single extralymphatic organ or site.  
Have you been examined as to the cause of your frequent urinary tract infection?  Kidney stone can cause frequent urinary tract infection and can cause hematuria (blood in the urine).  However, there are other conditions that can cause such symptoms.  
The lump in your breast may or may not be related to lymphoma.  Lymphomas can also involve the breast and will present as a breast lump.  Both benign and malignant conditions can present with lump in the breast.  Biopsy may be needed in order to have a definite diagnosis.
I agree with your decision to seek consult with your doctor for further evaluation and management.
Please do post your updates.  Good luck to you.
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