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Heya, during two or three nights in last week i had night sweats. So i decided to make an appointment with my doctor. He performed the basic exam (examined my neck and clavicle, listened to my lung & heart, checked my throat, etc.) and all was fine. The thing is i am still scared as **** that i have some kind of lymphoma so was wondering if anyone has a word of advice for me please. Thanks in advance :)

P.S Those night sweats scare the **** out of me.
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I can understand your fears, but other things besides lymphoma can cause night sweats.  Are you having any other symptoms besides night sweats?  Did he want to run any other tests?  Typically lymphoma presents with one or more swollen lymph nodes and sometimes (not always), depending on how aggressive it is in the body, you can experience symptoms such as night sweats, low grade fever and weight loss.  Did you wake up a little sweaty or did you have to actually change your clothes and sheets?  How warm is your room at night?

If you continue to have night sweats or any other symptoms, it wouldn't hurt to return to your doctor.
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He was unable to find any swollen lymph nodes under the neck or under the clavicle therefore i guess he didn't think its necessary to do any other test. Didn't have fever so far and regarding the weight loss well i don't think i had any but then again i don't measure myself regularly and its on this one that i distrust my judgment cos i just can't be sure. The night sweats aren't every night, once or twice i actually had to change my shirt and put a towel under my sheets but all the other times the sweating wasn't that bad. What i noticed as well is that when i sweat i usually wake up from a dream not sure if that perhaps has anything to do with it. Anyways that's it, thanks for answering my question :)
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I would continue to monitor your night sweats for a while, maybe even keep a log of them.    Write down how severe they are, how warm the room is, etc.  (Put a thermometer in your room by your bed.)  

No palpable nodes are good, but lymph nodes are everywhere in your body, even deep inside where you can't always see them.  If your doctor feels that you could possibly have cancer, he may do some other testing like blood work and maybe a scan (CT, PET or MRI).  Most likely you have nothing to worry about, but it's good to stay on top of it and follow through with the doctor again if needed.  
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