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My six month old daughter's WBC count is extremely elevated

My six month old daughter was recently hospitalized for an extremely elevated WBC( 57.2). They thought leukemia, did a bone marrow and bone biopsy and said that there is nothing showing leukemia, but she does have abnormal cells. The rest of her CBC is this: RBC is low at 3.49, Hgb is 10.4, Hct is low at 29.7, platelet low at 14.4, MPV high at 11.1, Myelocyte high at 3, Lymphocyte low at 34, Monocyte high at 34, Eosinophil high at 6, absolute neutrophil high at 12.0, absolute lymphocyte high at 19.4, absolute monocyte hight at 17.7, absolute eosinophil high at 3.4 and absolute basophil high at 0.6.....she has to go back for more testing, but I'm extremely worried. My mom is a Nurse Practitioner and she doesn't know what it could be. I work with other Nurse Practitioners and Doctors and they're stumped too. Please, if anyone could shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, my daughter does not have a fever or any other signs of infection. The only reason we went to the ER was because she had been projectile vomiting on/off for over a week.
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hi, has she been evaluated for "leukemoid reaction", using the leukocyte alkaline phosphatase test? That'd seem to be crucial.
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