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Painful lymph nodes all over body

Dear all,

I have been suffering from very weird symptoms for months and months. The last one is relates to what I think os my lymph nodes. Basically, I have been feeling pain in them all my body. The pain seems to take turns. Sometimes it's nodes on the neck, then they stop hurting and it's under both my armpits, then groin...I had bloodwork and other tests done 4 months ago and everything was okay. My concern is lymphoma. I had had no fever, no fatigue... but whatever is happening is related to my lymphatic system. Yesterday I developed pain under my armpits and I think some of my nodes there are slightly swollen. My armpits are a bit red and very very tender to the touch (it is almost a burning sensation).The symptoms I have had include abdominal pain, muscle twitching, joint pain, pulsatile tinnitus,back pain which sometimes radiates to my leg...to name a few.

Should I be concerned about possible lymphoma? What else can cause these random pains in lymph nodes? If it is an infection, can an infection cause symptoms for months and months/be latent?

Thank you in advance.
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"Should I be concerned about possible lymphoma?"
Hi, the behavior of the nodes seems much more like an immune reaction than lymphoma. That also fits with your history of odd symptoms.

"What else can cause these random pains in lymph nodes?"
Try here, from the American Academy of Family Physicians:

Scroll down to "Generalized Lymphadenopathy", which is more troubling than if it's just in one region.

"If it is an infection, can an infection cause symptoms for months and months/be latent?"
Yes there are 'chronic infections' - or otherwise an auto inflammatory reaction continuing after an infection is gone.
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This is from an earlier post of yours elsewhere:
"My question is, if it were a pancreatic cyst, would have it shown on the ultrasound?"
Probably yes. Here's a paper from a radiologists' journal:
Transabdominal Ultrasound Detection of Pancreatic Cysts Incidentally Detected at CT, MRI, or Endoscopic Ultrasound

"The overall detection rate of [pancreatic cysts using ultrasound] was 88.3%..."

From you again:
"Is there a possibility of it not showing?"
Smaller cysts, and those in certain regions of the pancreas, are less detectable.

But why think of the pancreas rather than the stomach? That seems more likely, especially with the occult blood found.
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You should get this checked out by a doctor, who may decide to order imaging tests such CT +/- PET/CT.
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