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Panter wart > groin lymph node

First i wanna say this site is a great idea to help people find information. The problem that i have is that i have a groin lymp node swollen on my left side that hurts slightly when i press on it, and i am just woundering could it be from my planter wart that is also located on my left foot?
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just to add to the information its been very hard to walk on my foot becuase of the pain, it could be infected im not sure.
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Did you notice any change in the appearance of your plantar wart?
There is a possibility that the lymph nodes could be secondary to the infected wart.  There is an extensive lymphatic drainage in the inguinal region coming from the lower extremities.  
You should see your doctor for further evaluation and management.
Good luck.
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I noticed that around the wart it is white, mabey dryed up skin but then around that it is purple/blue like a bruise. Also beside the planter wart their is also another bruise on the side of my teo about 1 inch in length. could this bruise have also caused the groin lymph node to swell?
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From your description, it is hard to tell exactly if the plantar wart caused the appearance of the groin lymph node.  It doesn't seem infected.  Maybe the groin lymph node is caused by something else.
It would be best to have yourself seen by your doctor.
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Sorry for the reply's i am just worried becuase im currently in a different country and i cannot see a doctor.

I noticed that when i squeez the planter wart a liquid comes out that smells awfull, couse this indicate that it is infected?

could the left lymph node be swollen becuase of the bruise on my left toe?

thank you doctor for replying to my posts
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Does it look like pus coming out of the plantar wart?
If it is pus, then it is infected.  You may try taking antibiotic like Cloxacillin.
How did the purplish/bluish bruise start?  Does it look like a hematoma?  Is it tender to touch?  The cardinal signs of infection are swelling, redness, warmth, tenderness.
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