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Please Help?

I mentioned some symptons i've had recently to a friend and they said that it may be symptoms of Lukemia, i've made an appointment to see a docter but the earliset appointment i could get is in two weeks time. I would really appreciate your help.

I have had the below in the last couple of weeks:

- Dilated Pupils on a regular basis (i don't take any drugs)
- Small brown mark/rashes on my chest aprox 5 grouped closed together, sometimes ichy and sometimes become darker
- Had two small spots on my leg the spots were under the skin, they went down over a couple of days and it was like blood came out of them when they went down.

Anybodys comments would be appreciated..
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First of All, do not listen to anyone but your doctor.  Get a good check-up, and the first thing you should have done is COMPLETE blood work done to check you blood counts, platelets etc.  Then go from there.
I do have Leukemia, and I had no symptoms at all.  I went for a routine blood test, and they found a elevated White Blood Count which could be a sign of Leukemia or just some type of infection.  Mine turned out to be Leukemia.
Please post how your doing after you see a doctor for a thorough check-up.
Good Luck
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Suzzie61 said it all as far as getting your blood work done.  There two other types of doctors you should probably check with - a dermatologist and opthomologist - for your skin and your eyes.

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Hi suzzie61 how how was your white blood count befire you found out you had  Leukemia?
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I mean how high*
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