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Please help. This is killing me!

My 72 year old mother (who lives 3000 miles away!) has just told me she has a 'ball the size of a small walnut' under her jaw bone and that she went to the doctor to see if it was something 'bad'.... the doctor sent her for some tests (PET scan, blood work and biopsy) they really didn't find anything 'wrong' on blood and PET. The biopsy results are yet to come (it's killing us) and she says she is not that nervous since she is not presenting any kind of symptoms other than the swollen lymph node which feels soft (not hard) nor fixed. She also says that she's had this for years and years (at least 10) and just couple months ago she noticed it grow a little bit.
I just wanna know if there's a possibility this could be lymphoma or something dangerous like that.... =( my mom means everything to me, but I wanna be the most prepared possible for any kind of news, and be there for her.... plus figure out what to do if this is something horrible.....

I'm so depressed.

Thank you everyone.
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anyone please?
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Well,m you  probably have the biopsy results back by now. I hope it was okay. The negative PET is a good sign, as is the length of time she's had it.
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