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Scared Swollen lymph nodes in neck please help

Ok so I'm 15 about 2-3 months ago I noticed a swollen lymph node in my neck that was small and wasn't to worried after about 2 weeks it didn't go away or change I went to the doctor and she told me not to worry later I about a week later I found another small one in my neck. I told my mom she said don't worry to much but I did anyway about a week after that I noticed another and went to the doctor had blood drawn and everything was clear white blood cells was fine and all the other test. Later that weak I had something wrong and a lot of symptoms. I had Fatique headache stomach issues and depression. About a week later I went to the doctor for a physical and she gave me 14 days of antibiotics. The first day the lymph nodes seemed to decrease. After 1-3 days I felt better and finished my antibiotics and I feel fine but all the lymph nodes where still there. I get a little fuzziness in my head but my mom says it's my allergies and it goes away after a little and allergy medicine. So my mom said don't worry about it but about a week or 2 later I noticed one behind my ear very small like the rest. I haven't gone to the doctor because my mom says it's probably hormones or stress. But you know I'm the person who looks stuff up and think of the worse I've been very stressed and scared about it. My family doesn't have a long line of cancer my mom had thyroid cancer and that's it. I'm very healthy eat lots of healthy foods none of my parents smoke neither do I I play lots of sports very active. I'm not sexually active either. I'm 135 pounds 5'9 male Age 15. Btw I do touch my lymph nodes and mess with them a little I used to a lot but I read it's bad to do that. And there all under the size of 2cm. Any advice or anything would help. Btw I had a chest xray and everything was clear. Idk I just think have cancer.
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We aren't doctors honey...we can't diagnose you.  However, I don't think you have cancer. You can always feel your nodes if you go looking for them, and fiddling around with them can make them swell up.

Go about your life, and stop looking stuff up on the internet.  It's the worst thing you can possibly do.  You could google "drinking water causes cancer" and you'd get a million hits.

You sound anxious...and compulsions bind anxiety.  
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Ok thanks for the reply
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I think you might have infectious mononucleosis.
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I got tested for it on my blood test but do you think I could of gotten it later?
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I don't think so. However, keep in mind that in rare cases cytomegalovirus (CMV) can cause very similar symptoms to those of infectious mononucleosis.

Because of your age and numerous blood tests that came back clear, I believe that you are fighting some kind of infection that you are not aware of. Keep in mind that some lymph nodes never come back to their original size following the infection.

It would be a good idea to keep an eye on your nodes and see if they are getting bigger. Just don't poke on them, it will make it worse!

*Where are your swollen lymph nodes located? (It could help identify the location of initial infection)

* Did your doctor check LDH levels?

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One on left side of neck halfway down 2nd under the chin back towards the throat. 3rd behind ear on head.
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It seems like you have multiple swollen lymph nodes that drain different locations.

My suggestion would be to see a specialist (ENT/Haematologist). If necessary, they would run extra tests and perhaps find out what is causing these swollen lymph nodes.

I have had swollen lymph nodes under the chin and on the left side of neck since Christmas! All of my bloods came back clear just like yours and I had an appt with haematologist yesterday. I was told that lymph nodes smaller than 2cm are usually reactive. I have a follow-up appt in 3 months now.

If you have doubts, go straight to see the doctor. People can give you suggestions of how to proceed further and tell what tests/imaging studies can be done, but, unfortunately, are unable to give a diagnosis.
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I Go to a health practicioneer next week
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Lymph nodes are designed to trap and destroy foreign objects that may be circulating in our bodies. However, they can also respond to stress levels as well, both of which cause the size of the nodes to fluctuate in size. Nodes can sometimes take a few months to return to normal size, and sometimes they may stay enlarged permanently.

If you had lymphoma, the nodes would not decrease in size on their own, and they certainly would not decrease with antibiotics. Lymphoma cause the lymph nodes to enlarge and they will continue to grow over time. And when you develop symptoms  from lymphoma, they don't get better, they get worse as time passes.

Try not to worry to much, keep an eye on it, but continue eating healthy, staying active, and enjoy being a teenager. :) Obviously continue seeing your doctor if you continue to have symptoms, however, lymphoma acts in a specific manner one of which is that it does not decrease in size without treatment.

I had lymphoma and I'm in remission. I worked out 3-4 times a week, eat healthy, and  I went through 5 cycles of chemotherapy. I responded very well, I never got sick. I lost all my hair, and people were surprised when I told them I had cancer when I was going through treatment. If it was cancer, which I highly highly highly doubt that it is, you would kick it's ***.

You can always get a second opinion as well.

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Ok so I went to the health practitioner who gave me a herbal formula. She thinks I have a Co infection to lymes disease the formula I took for a week and  all my symptoms are gone and the nodes got smaller then I'm supposed to take a week off im in the week off and the node that was the biggest went back to the normal big size well kinda big still under 2cm. So I don't know if this helps but can co infections keep them swollen?
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