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Should i seek medical attention?

Several months ago I felt a small lump under my chin on the right side which I believe was most likely a swollen lymph node. I was not concern about it and soon forgot. I'm not sure if it went away since then or that I just didn't pay anymore attention to it. But yesterday while shaving I stumbled upon a lump in the same exact area only noticeably larger in size. It is right under the skin and not visible unless felt. There is no pain, however it is in a fixed position and is quite hard. My girlfriend and brother felt it today and was immediately able to feel it without having to search for it. I have not been sick for several months, I am 19, weigh 140lbs and 5'8". I was wondering if I need to make an appointment with my doctor or need to be concerned.
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If it were me, I'd probably wait a couple more weeks to see if it goes away on its own, but this time keeping more of an eye on it.  If you still have it by then, call your doctor and make an appointment.  Most likely it's a reactive node to infection of some sort, but it's good to be vigilant to lumps and bumps.
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