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Small Lump on the right side of the Neck

Good day! I found a small lump in the right side of my neck. It doesn't hurt. I cannot even see it but I can feel it. It seems to move a little when I want it to. I can say that it is really inside my neck. A relative told me that maybe it is a swollen lymph node. By the way, I am now in my middle term of treating tuberculosis and I'm now feeling fine. When my tb was diagnosed it was a latent one, which means I didn't feel any symptom of it (no cough, no night sweats, etc.). It was only found in my X-Ray which stopped me from getting a job.

My question is, could this lump be a swollen lymph node due to the treatment I am taking to fight off tuberculosis?
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Hello and welcome.  I don't know much about Tuberculosis or the treatment of TB, but I would recommend asking your doctor who is treating your TB about that possibility.  If it is a lymph node (and it sounds like it is), it could swell for a number of reasons, and cancer is close to the bottom of the list.  If your treatments alter your immune system in any way, it is likely a reaction to that.  
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Thanks for the info! Well, I stopped touching the area for a while, and now I think that it is getting smaller unlike the last time I touched it. I hope it gets better. I have yet to ask the doctor about it.
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Glad to hear it's smaller.  Thanks for the update.  Please keep an eye on it and consult your doctor if it doesn't go away soon.
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Hi, it's good to hear that it's getting smaller. Are you aware that it's possible for TB to get into lymph nodes on the neck and make them enlarge? Is it painful or tender? What TB treatment are you getting, the combination of several antibiotics? Maybe the TB treatment is curing the node also. I'd definitely bring this up to your treating physician in a phone call. Has the node continued to get smaller?
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