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Swollen Lymph Nodes under arm and EXTREME shoulder pain

Hi!  I have been having EXTREME shoulder pain for about one and a half months.  It is to the point I cannot raise my arm above my chest and I have to have help getting dressed.  I visited the ER in my town last night because the pain was so bad and I thought that it was may a dislocated shoulder.  (I have had zero injuries, bites or any of the other things listed)  The tech came in and did a sonogram (and the pressing on the armpit was excruciating) and the doctor came back and told me that I had several VERY swollen lymph nodes under my armpit on my right side.  He suggested I see my primary care physician right away.  I have an appointment with a new PCP on Wednesday morning.  Any ideas or suggestions of what this might be?  Also, anything that I can take over the counter that would help with the shoulder pain?
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It sounds like you could use a shot of cortozone for bursitis
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Sorry to hear of the pain you've been in.  The good news is that most lumps that are associated with Lymphoma are painless, so I'm thinking this most likely is a reaction to an infection (which is the most common cause of swollen lymph nodes).  Have you been feeling ill lately?  How about any open sores on your body that look infected?  Lymph nodes usually swell because they literally fill up with white blood cells to fight infection.  This large amount of white blood cells stretches the lymph node capsule and causes pain.

As far as what to do about the pain, I'd recommend taking an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen and alternating hot and cold packs.  If the pain is unbearable, I'd go back to the ER or a walk-in clinic.

did you ever find out what this was?  I have the same exact thing...
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