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Swollen Nodes + Past EBV Infection

Hello! Good day [or evening] to you all!

Before I head to my concerns I'd like to mention a bit of my medical history and background (I hope it's helpful):

I'm nineteen, female and my lifestyle is fairly active.

Last March, I was rushed to the hospital due to a very high fever. I was confined for four days and diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis (and I never heard the end of it from my mom HAHAHA). Ultrasounds done showed a swollen liver and an enlarged spleen. I apologize as I've lost the results of the bloodwork done back then.

Symptoms completely disappeared and within two months (May), I was feeling fine.

Early June, I noticed a weird lump on my neck. At first, I thought it was nothing-- probably the virus still trying to attack a bit. Then as the months passed, it hardened and grew more pronounced (slightly bigger). I went to my school clinic and they told me to have my ears cleaned. They said if the lump was still present after two weeks post-cleaning, have it checked. My mom mentioned the lump to my derma (September) and he said it was a lymph node and not to worry.

A day after said consultation, another node popped up, this time a bit under my chin. I went to an ENT and he said not to worry-- during this time, I was having a bit of trouble breathing deeply. Two weeks passed and I developed pain in the right rib area. Concerned, my mother took me to a pulmonologist and he asked my why I didn't have the nodes checked sooner.

He ordered some tests be done. Here's a summary and the test results:

Chest Xray (Oct. 9) - Clear
Rib Cage Xray (Oct. 9) - Clear
CBC (Oct. 1) - Values were all normal except my platelet count which was at 451. I assume this is unremarkable.
ANA Blood Test (Oct. 9) - Negative
TB Blood Test (Oct. 9) - Negative **Quantiferon test**

Summary of my symptoms:
- Enlarged node on right side of neck (firm, rubbery, immovable); noticed 4 or 5 months ago
- Enlarged node under chin, near throat (firm, rubbery); noticed 2 or 3 few months
- A lump near the base of my neck, back side, inches away from my shoulder blades (rubbery); noticed yesterday HAHAHA
- Both nodes and the lump are painless
- Occasional pain near right top rib (under breast)
- Frequent mid-(or top not sure??)chest tightness and discomfort and pressure (feels like a track is being squished, more noticeable when stretching)
- Frequent dizziness
- I easily run out of energy nowadays, it's quite frustrating

Hopefully useful information:
- I haven't had an ultrasound done to check the nodes
- Strong family history of cancer (breast, stomach and lung)
- I didn't have Primary Complex

I'd appreciate any ideas on what I can do and what's going on with my body. Any comments are appreciated. I'm only slightly concerned because the tiredness and dizziness are affecting day-to-day performance. Follow up with my pulmo is on Oct. 21!

Also, I'm super sorry if any of you find this inappropriate to post on this specific section :(
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Hi, offhand I'd think you are dealing with immune system dysfunction, not cancer. But you'd still want a sono on the most suspicious node to rule out lymphoma.

Your severe mono tells me that you have an over reactive immune system. You might find that most doctors wouldn't care about that.

Have you looked into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Does your heart race when you stand up?

Is your temperature low?

Here is a possible danger: many people with CFS say that they wish they hadn't pushed themselves through the tiredness, because they just dug a deeper hole. They wish they had rested -- a lot.

"Also, I'm super sorry if any of you find this inappropriate to post on this specific section :("

not at all, don't worry about that
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Thank you so much for your reply! <3

Hmm, temperature has been normal-- not low, not high. I haven't had a cold since I was discharged, either. No fever as well.

No, my heart doesn't race when I stand.  

I'm afraid none of the doctors mentioned CFS.

Another node swelled up today, near my left ear. And the one on my back has hardened.

I should probably note my rashes (though they may have nothing to do with it). Eczema is normal for me, but my eczema hasn't disappeared for several months now. No changes in my diet or water intake have been made (in fact, I drink more water) and I use the same ointments for 'em.

I've also been having weird itches recently. I don't know if it has anything to do with my concerns. They sometimes manifest as small, red rashes (various small, swollen circles), other times they don't. I usually feel these itches on my right forearm, base of my neck (back) and on my legs. I know they're not mosquito bites or bug bites, in general.
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Well, let's see...

nodes wouldn't typically swell up in one day and then stop growing because of cancer, so that tends toward immune reaction instead

hardening of a node tends to say there is severe inflammation inside, possibly resulting in scarring (fibrosis)

yes, an Hx of autoimmunity seems very relevant, since that means you are more likely to have other immune dysfunctions

"No, my heart doesn't race when I stand."
so... no orthostatic intolerance as of yet (OI generally comes with CFS)

No one really knows what CFS is anyway.

Bug bites would have been a good possibility; but if that's ruled out, then I'll mention that histamine (from Mast Cells) can cause rash and itch.

It's all about 'generally' and 'tends'. You would do well to educate yourself on immune dysfunction and thereby become our own best help.

Let's say you try a topical antihistamine on the rash/itch spots. If that helps, there's a clue.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't expect any quick resolution or diagnosis.

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