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Swollen lymph node in armpit

Yesterday I discovered a lump in my armpit. It's not attached to anything and is pretty round, about a centimeter in diameter. For many months i've noticed some irritation there, beginning after I shaved my armpits once. I just thought it was some reaction from that, but now finding that lump there, im concerned. Im not sure if it's a swollen lymph node, or a cyst, or something else entirely. I've scheduled a doctors appointment, but hope to find some kind of understanding prior. I've read that swollen lymph nodes can be an early sign of hiv infection, and last year there were two instances that would put me at risk with partners of unknown status. I plan to get tested soon, but in the meantime I'm hoping to understand this better as well. I only have the one lump, and hiv is usually indicated by more then one? Also, my hand on the arm with the lump, that hand frequently gets impetigo ever since I was a child. Im not sure what kind of impetigo, though judging from descriptions and photos on the web, my best guess is bollus impetigo. Could this lead to a swollen lymph node there?
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