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Swollen lymph node in parotid gland??

I have had a swollen lymph node in my neck for over 1/2 a year. I finally had a fine needle biopsy and ultra sound on it today. I won't find out the results for a few days and I am very anxious. The specialist performing the biopsy said it was a swollen lymph node in the parotid gland. I havnt had any symptoms lately of any disease or infection to my knowledge. (I'm a 16 year old female)

-the lymph node is about 2cm big, painless, hard, immovable

-a long time ago (probably last year) I experienced night sweats a few times a month. But I havnt had them anymore.

-used to always wake up with a dry, sore throat, but don't get that anymore either.

-I don't know if it is related but I always get red, bloodshot, sore eyes after going in chlorine pools

-I also experience abdominal pains and an emptiness feeling often.

How long does it take before you experience symptoms of something like lymphoma? If anyone knows anything about what this could be I would really appreciate it.  
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Dear Doc,
     I have a lump that is growing downward in my neck. I live in the boondocks of AR, so it is making it so hard to find a doc that can dx this. I have had pain in my whole body. I burn, ache,itch,and my muscles stay tight. I did have an ultrasound done in my neck and the guy doing it was a friend of mine. He thought it was my tendons that were swollen and he probably is right. I just want to know why and what and who should I see and do @ this lump that is apparent. I am afraid that since I have become bedridden in the last 2 yrs. or more. It just seems that I can't stand long, maybe an hour, if I am lucky for most, but usually @ 20 mins. is tops here lately. I don't know if it is related,but I am so miserable and need some guidance to what I need to do or who I need to see @ this matter..Thank you so much, Karen
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Hi, there aren't any doctors on this particular group. I was going to suggest a fibromyalgia forum, but then I noticed that you have been all around already.

I could mention that the person who did the ultrasound would have noticed if there were any lymph nodes or any tumor involved.

Just a thought, since it's such a mystery condition: Have you tried eliminating as causes some toxin where you live, or some food that you regularly eat?

Good luck, I hope you one day find an answer.
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I must say that I am at my wits end. I have been to NL and NS until I am blue in the face and just have a list of things wrong with me, but I feel there is something serious going on and I can't give up. I can't breath now as we speak. I have been having this pain at the base of my skull at the back of my neck. I do have a lump that seems to be growing downwards under my jawline. AT the time of the ultrasound, I am not going to lie, my mouth was just a going. It is a small town we live in and the guy that did my ultrasound was a good friend and our kids were not getting along and I had to tell the reason for why I felt like I did, but in the meantime could've jepordized the procedure. Our kids got to being friends again, but I am still worried @ this lump. I did however talk with my friend again later and noticed a scar from his ear to his chin or maybe lower..I asked him @ it and he said that his parotid had to come out. I figure he would have noticed that in me as well, that is if my mouth didn't ruin it. Do you think I should have another one? I do in a way. It is kind of sore on that area and as I said b4 I hurt at the back of my neck and feel it has something to do with the report that I wasn't suppose to run across..IT said, "There is a small tangled area of vessels in the left cerebellar hemisphere inferiorly w/no associated abnormal FLAIR signal or evidence of vasogenic edema. There is one dominent vessel extending from this." That is all I got out of a garbled mess that was suppose to have been a film of my Thoracic and my Brain & C-spine, but I got this..all I could see at first were a bunch of #'s, but then looked at all of it..saw my name and then this. It has really resonated that there is something there, but why didn't they tell me anything @ any of this. The doc(NL) told me that he found a venous angioma, probably something I was born with it is what he told me.
I am so sorry 4 just unloading it all there..LoL I do have a way of explaining things in detail, but I thought that was a good thing, but sometimes IT IS JUST TOO MUCH..I know..
They did use the word "Lesion" in the end of that group of words. WHY don't they tell u this stuff and at least send u to someone who can help u. I am suffering Ken..is it? I am everywhere because I am sooooo tired of suffering and just want a life. I know there has got to be someone out there that hears me..U know what I mean. I did get ur attention and I think I really got ur attention...LOL..I am sorry. I was counting all of my posts the other day and I think it is definately over 50..maybe 100..I am just so desperate in my search 2 find a doc or at least what kind do I need to see, WHAT would u recommend 4 me..seriously..I don't know. I live in a one hick town down in AR..and there is no MRI machine at our hospital..it is drying up too..ohh, I am just scared I am going to be a statistic and I want to live..got a lot to do yet b4 I die..I have two wonderful teenage boys..they definately  need their mom to help them get through this life.
My body aches, burns in sheets on just different areas, cramping and tightening up of all of my muscles..YEAH, that is the biggy besides all of the other pain I am experiencing. I am baffling docs.. I just think I have too much going on, BUT IT IS happening. I am so sick of a couple of my docs thought I was symptomatic.. I know what that means..just another way of saying it is all in my head.. NO..OH, I have gone and vented now..sawy.:)'
I just seem to have so much pain in all of my muscles like my lactic acid just stays ON ALL day...like I am lifting weights all day, but I can't do a thing that is it. I try..so much do I try to get out of this BED and make myself and sometimes it feels tolerable, but it doesn't take long( I think the most time I get is around an hour,if I am lucky or that back will burn like FIRE) I have other spots that SCARE me..MY BRAIN HURTS,,,HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? I feel like someone pushes there thumb into my skull sometimes and that hurts. I hurt on my left temple and have swollen to where it feels like a golf-ball is up there.
I called my NL one time because I thought I was having a stroke because my jaw bone was being pulled down to my collarbone. The whole left side of my face was completely NUMB all the way down my shoulder and my arm...IT was SOO creepy. I feel that whatever this is..is serious,but not getting any HELP..DO u know of anyone or who I could see that would be in around Memphis,TN or Little Rock,AR..I am close to those big cities..I also love Jonesboro,AR since my son lives there going to College..would love a visit..You take care and thank you 4 reading all @ my life..I left a lot out..actually..:))) <3 K
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You REALLY SHOULD go to www.phoenixtears.ca . Their information will help you greatly!  You can also search YouTube for "Rick Simpson Oil", "The Endocannabinoid System", also these eBooks; "Run From The Cure" by Rick Simpson, "Live Free or Die" by Shona Banda, and "Natures Answer for Cancer" by Rick Simpson. You will get your life back through the power of this oil!  You can grow your own plants and extract your own oil.  This healing medicine is illegal in some states, can you believe that??? At a lower cost than the medical industry's deadly cocktails, you could grow your own medicinal plants and get healthy!  Knowledge is power! Life and death is in the power of your decision between life or being a law abiding citizen!!!!! God bless you and yours!
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U seem so upset and desperate for an answer. I have a suggestion. Of course this post was years ago so I'm not sure how u are feeling...?
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Have you been tested for Lyme disease ????
Contact me back. You sound very much like me two years ago and I was told it was all in my head too...
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