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Toddler w a lymph node issue

at the end of june beginning of july of this year my 2 and a half year old son was diagnosed with coxsackie virus. He had an outbreak of Herpangina and had several ulcers in his throat. He had fevers of 102-104 and had a double ear infection on top of all that. After an allergic reaction to the first antiboitic he was switched to another which cleared the ear infection.
My questionis this...I noticed a swollen lymphnode on the backof his neckbut more near the side in the area below his ear. (i too have a swollenlymph node there due to dry scalp issues). I brought him to teh dr about 3 weeks ago and she checked him out and he had no infections anywhere inhisbody. She also checked for other swollen nodes and there were none. she said that he had alot going on inhis throat that could have caused this node to swell and not to touch it for 2 weeks.  She was not concerned at all and this dr is a worrywart! LOL!
I of course being the worrysome mom felt it after like 4 days and it was still there. He is fine otherwise. playing, eating sleeping doing what a normwl 2 and a half yr old would do.  It is about the size of my pinkynail and seems to be rubbery.
Has anyone else gone thru this similar situation? I read that a virus CAN cause these nodes to swell, i was jsut wondering if anyone else went thru this.
PLEASE NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS! this is a child we are talking about and i dont want SCARED stories! thanks!!!!
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