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What is wrong with me? I am scared.

I have terrible night sweats, I have severe pain under my left shoulder blade, also a burning pain in my groins, the pain runs through my thighs. I have an awful taste in my mouth constantly, I have lumps on the side of my neck and inside my groin area, I am fatigued all the time and feel very weak. I dropped my cup of tea the other day as I wasn't able to hold it up.
Please help me.
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Hi I would definately get to your doctor and get checked out. Night Sweats are one symptom of Lymphoma and also having glands up on your neck and groin. Fatigued is another symptom. Mind you it may not be Lymphoma or cancer but would definately get checked out remember early detection is always better. You might have a virus who knows. Ask your doctor and get some blood tests done and a CT scan is a very good indicator of what is going on inside. Good Luck.
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Hi everyone, I need some help please.I have Follicular B Cell Lymphoma. I have been having BAD shoulder pain, shoulder blade pain and chest pain. When I bring it to my doctor's attention she dismisses it and says it has nothing to do with lymphoma. It happens quite often and I totally disagree with her. Would all the people who experience this please write to me and tell me because I want to print out all the emails I get to show her that it is a complication from having lymphoma. I get worried that something could be progressing and they are missing it. Does anyone know what causes this pain? Is it the lymph odes in my bones causing it or just spreading lymph nodes? Please help me out her. Email me please at ***@****

Thank you so much!
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Hi Michelle,
I too have Follicular lymphoma.  I'm assuming you've already gone through some sort of treatment?  Have you had any recent blood tests or scans to monitor you?  I would think that these follow-up tests would have shown something if it was lymphoma.  I had R-CHOP and for about 6 months after I had a lot of residual bone pain, especially in my lower back and hips.  I hear that is a pretty normal side effect of chemo because your bones are working hard at replacing all those stem cells that were destroyed.  
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good answer from Mocha, especially considering that those areas:

ribs, shoulder blades, and also hips and vertebrae

are places where adults still have live marrow -- whereas e.g. forearms bones or fingers or the middles of leg bones do not.

The bone pain would be especially present if the patient were receiving drugs to build up red blood cells (like the EPO that cheating bicycle racers also take) or white blood cells (like Neupogen).

bone marrow biopsies are usually taken from the hip because it is concave and so  the drill-like device won't slip off

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