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What's going on?

I've had my 11 yr old son into the doctor's office many times this past season for constant infections...I actually started noticing them a yr ago winter...every time we went in the acted as is I was a paranoid mother...a couple of months ago I insisted on a new doctor - this time the doctor listened...he did some lab work and it showed elevated platelets and white count after my son being on antibiotics...he had us go to a pediatric hematologist/oncologist...they did blood work, and it all came back within the normal ranges...Also I should tell you on his arms are rounded spots that if someone didn't know better it would look like burn scars -they have been there since last year...

We went back to the regular Doctor just a couple of weeks ago...I complained that my son still is getting tired easily, and often times for no reason will turn pale and flushed...this time ti Dr. had a cat scan done - it showed an enlarged spleen, enlarged nodes in his abdomen, and "lipomas" in the lining of his stomach.

The Dr..and the hematologist had lab work ran again...a CBC, a Uric Acid, LDH, and a BCrabso (?) - the CBC showed lower than normal red cell, and MPV counts...the Uric Acid came back fine, and the LDH came back 796 - we're still waiting for the other test which I think is one to check for genetic markers ........

Needless to say mom here is FREAKING out - am I paranoid to think there is a cancer going on??

He has days where he is fine....days then where he is tired...and then days where someone coughs, he is sick........

Any guidance will be beneficial....we live in a small rural community 80plus miles from a major medical center.

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