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White blood cell 7690; MCV 22mm and MPV 13.1 fl

I have tested CBC and PBF and their some abormalities shown in the test. That is White blood cell 7690 /Cmm( Range: 4000-11000);  

MCV 22mm(Range:0-10) and MPV 13.1 fl (Range:8-9.5) others are in between range.

Moreover, Before 6 months and 4 months done same test. WBC was 11500.
I am thinking about, why the WBC decreased.

I had gone to doctor for Swallowing problem and pain in the tongue and throat.
Doctor done endoscopy of Upper GI and everything normal.
Another question is does upper GI endoscopy covers throat and tongue conditions also or not.
Are there any infection in the body that representing by  this blood test.

Please, anybody give answer to decrease my thinking,
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Hi, it seems as if your WBC has gone back down to where it should be, after some infection in the past months. You are more at normal levels now. With your blood film also being normal, I wouldn't worry about cancer.

Having "macrocytosis without anemia" isn't very common, I don't think. You can maybe suspect medications or alcohol, or else vitamin deficiencies of B12 or folate for your large red blood cells.

Having large platelets with normal number of platelets? I don't know a cause for that... unless you have bleeding and so have to be constantly making new platelets. Newly made platelets begin larger and then get smaller over time. Or maybe your past infection caused the high MPV.

Do you ever get food stuck when swallowing?
Not stucked felt pain
Have you noticed any type of abnormalities that can make me tensed and concerned.actually I haven't any knowledge on medical science.Because, I am an Engineer.Only can thinking a lot.
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Are any abnormalities concerning? If your MCV and MPV are still high in 1-2 months or so, then you should probably want to know why. But I doubt that it is serious.
Sorry brother.I have mentioned about MCV value that was ESR value.
My Red blood cell count is 5.24 million/Cmm; HCT 0.46; ESR 22mm;MCV 88fl; MCH 28pg; MCHC 32d/gl;RDW 11%
Platelete: 239000 /cmm
MPV 13.1 fl

Where ESR and MPV exceeds their limit. Are there any problem?
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If your ESR of 22 is at or very close to the upper limit of normal, then no doctor would probably worry about it. But it should go down eventually. You don't want to have what is called 'chronic inflammation'.
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